DG and terrorists?!

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    still not sure quite how to take this but I cannot help but find it slightly humorous around a subject matter that is anything but

    so if you want to use this thread as an opportunity to react to this very real issue of this report that was released today then go elsewhere

    but in the words of Alex that is what I have been trying to tell you for years lmfao!

    and in many senses he has a point and more in common than one would care to admit.............but during his formative years of say when he was what 8??!! he was getting waterboarded with this shit in many regards..............poor kid had to listen to dg at home in the car at the pool lol..............no wonder he empathizes!!

    like i said i hate to make light of such a horrible topic but the similarities to my own son now that I think about it explain a lot..........and why when he told me he actually acquired the Spanish Gold cd I was so absolutely stoked

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    :eek:I guess what is torture for one man is a pleasure for another ? Strange , never realised music could be used in such an evil way ( Apart from playing an LP backwards to hear an incantation to the devil ! )
    Mind you , a couple of hours of Lady GaGa would be enough to drive anyone insane .....
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    His answer shows exactly why I adore this man. He just gets it.

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