DG Live At RAK Studios performances

Discussion in 'Live Performances' started by WhereIfall2013, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. WhereIfall2013

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    I ripped the two performances('Snow In Vegas' and 'The Incredible') so far uploaded to the YouTube page, if you would like them they can be downloaded here -

    http://we.tl/8v3ATu9Rxr (FYI this link expires on 15th July, happy to re-upload if anyone else wants it)

    Looks like the 'Back In The World' performance will imminently be uploaded. This was the exclusive performance available if you used Shazam to recognise 'Mutineers' album track.
  2. RosalieEP

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    I wonder if they are planning to release a video for each song on Mutineers, or is everything that is up it? I love hearing him talk about his music and was looking forward to getting a glimpse of each one.
  3. Julian

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    These sessions are excellent.The piano led arrangements work very well.The lyrics really shine through.:headphone:
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  4. Dave

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    Hi could you upload again thanks

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