Dingle, Co. Kerry - Other Voices - Dec 6, 2013

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    All conversation about the December 6, 2013 show at Other Voices- Dingle, Co. Kerry can go into this thread. This includes all the excitement, pre-concert meet ups and post concert conversations, reports, setlists...
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    Good news! According to this the show with David Gray will be streamed live!
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    • [​IMG]
    Were it not for his Irish fan base, it's probable that David Gray may have called it a day a decade ago. Now a major star worldwide, 1997 saw Gray hit a commercial wall as his career seemed to be stuttering to a premature end. Having released three albums on three different labels, the Manchester-born songwriter had suffered the ignominy of being dropped after the release of each new work. Label-less, and with success seemingly eluding him, Gray decided to have one final throw of the dice by self-releasing and self-financing his fourth album, 'White Ladder'. Viewing Ireland as the country most receptive to his past work, the album was initially conceived as an Irish-only release to come out on Gray's own IHT label - a moniker made in jest at the fact that Gray couldn't make a 'hit' even if the letters were placed in front of him - in early 1998.
    The album went on to prove less a hit and more a phenomenon. An initial run of 4,000 copies sold out almost instantly as Irish radio began to spin 'Babylon' almost constantly. Soon shops began to have trouble keeping up with demand as the album went on to eventually become the biggest selling album of all-time in this country - a status it still lays claim to today. Laced with a slew of hit singles such as 'Babylon', 'Sail Away' and 'Please Forgive Me', it wasn't long before 'White Ladder' went on to achieve similarly huge success in the UK a year later, whilst also breaking Gray in the US. The unexpected success of the album saw Gray almost constantly touring, incurring a host of notable gig highlights along the way - notably Glastonbury in 2000 and Dublin's Point Depot the same year. Four years after the initial release of 'White Ladder', Gray followed up with 2002's 'A New Day at Midnight', an album which was tempered by the death of the songwriter's father a year previous and received a muted critical response.
    Nonetheless, it saw Gray once again top the charts in the UK and Ireland. His 2005 album 'Life in Slow Motion', achieved similar success and also gave Gray his biggest chart hit to date in the US.
    David Gray is not one to rest on his laurels; 12 million album sales, the bestselling album in Ireland ever with White Ladder, a BAFTA nomination for his soundtrack work on Amma Assante's 2004 film A Way Of Life. Two Ivor Novellos, a Q award, two Brit nominations and a Grammy nomination.
    The british singer-songwriter, currently working on his tenth studio album, rooted his work in contemporary folk-rock before experimenting with more computer-generated music in later albums. He has now earned a reputation of being a stalwart of the DIY music scene having recorded many tracks himself and releasing all his albums independently.
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    Great quality stream and audio...

    enjoy those who are not watching... so sorry ! ;)

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    Gulls was followed by: Dun Laoghaire, Skellig, I Want All My Cake and Eat It and now Kathleen is on. Talk about an intimate venue - wow!! And Marcel - yes, agreed on the stream and the audio.
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    Rest of the setlist after Kathleen was: Ain't No Love, Dancing With Both Feet Off the Ground, and Nemesis. If anyone out there is at this would love to hear about what it was like in the church!
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    The band sounded amazing on the livestream. In "Skellig," David Gray's falsetto, along with the choir, sounds like ghostly voices whispering in the wind- I like it; it's different. I hope David Gray isn't using autotune.

    Some people have posted pictures:





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    gaaaah damn i timed this whole thing wrong. here's hoping it loops again in time!
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    I just missed him!!! But Patty Griffin was great!
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    Any chance it might be released as a podcast?
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    I don't know whether it'll be released as a podcast, but I know that "Other Voices" has videos of performers from their previous shows on their Youtube channel, so perhaps they'll eventually upload one or two of David Gray's performances in the future.
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    Thanks for posting the links to all the pictures.
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    So sad to have missed it! Just barely, too! I hope it gets uploaded soon!
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    So sad I missed this too, my internet connection or should I say laptop has been playing up the last couple of days, really hope this becomes available as a podcast.
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    who wants to capture the audio? :rolleyes:

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