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Discussion in 'Tours 2014' started by Rena, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Mvegas

    Mvegas New Grayhead

    I have four extra Golden Circle Tickets for the Las Vegas show. They are 86.50 each. They are Gold 2, row DD, seats 5,6,7,8. These are great seats and we can't use them because when we ordered we actually needed 5 tickets, not 4. And so, we have 5 in a different section. We won't be able to pick these tickets up until the day of the show. Let me know by message if you're interested. Thanks!
  2. Mvegas

    Mvegas New Grayhead

    These tickets have found a home:)
  3. DMBFiredancer

    DMBFiredancer New Grayhead

    I have 2 extra GA pit tickets (Standing area in front of stage) for Wednesday at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Face is 77.50 on them so obviously that's what we are selling for. Can meet at venue or somewhere in the Redondo Beach area. Email
  4. SoCalFan

    SoCalFan New Grayhead

    Hi All. I have two tickets for tonight's show at the Greek. Section A, Row H. $94 each. Pick up in Orange County or nearby. Please message me for details. :)
  5. MCF

    MCF New Grayhead

    am new to this forum so don't know what the right way to go about this really is but in any case... I have a spare for the iTunes on Sunday. Are you interested?
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  6. MCF

    MCF New Grayhead

    Sorry to hear you won't be able to make it John! Thanks for replying quickly!

    Anyone else interested in a spare? If not I will take John's advice and make someone discover Mr DG :)
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  7. Carole

    Carole New Grayhead

    Apologies, I'm not very computer savvy... But my friend has had to drop out of coming to this Sundays iTunes gig. I'm coming from bristol, so a bit short notice to get someone else. Anyone want a ticket? You would have to come in with me, and of course it's free. My email is
  8. Sheiladen

    Sheiladen New Grayhead

    I have a spare ticket for the I-festival tomorrow, if anyone's interested.
  9. Klilycat

    Klilycat New Grayhead

    Hello there,
    I happen to have two tickets for the Phoenix show this Sunday the 21st. They are section 6 row 6 seats 1 & 2. Face value was 75 EACH but I'm willing to sell the pair for $100. please PM me if you are seriously interested only thank you!
  10. SRQJen

    SRQJen New Grayhead

    Hi! I'm looking for 2 tickets to the Clearwater show next Monday. Please message me if you have any to sell. Thank you!
  11. Justink

    Justink New Grayhead

    i have a single for Houston available. 4th row, center section. pm me.
  12. John G Whiteside

    John G Whiteside New Grayhead

    Hello there! I have two(2) tix to DG @ Uptown Theatre in Kansas City. Center Orchestra Lower Level Row N Seats 20, 21 $59.50 per. Thanks 10/15/14 @ 8pm
  13. Heather

    Heather New Grayhead

    I have 2 tickets to Toronto's show at Massey Hall on Tuesday October 7. Floor, row G, dead centre, on the aisle. Selling for face value, $90 each. These are amazing seats!! let me know if you're interested. I have the tickets in hand and can meet near Yonge and Eglinton sometime before Tuesday.
  14. CTCT

    CTCT New Grayhead

    2 tickets to Minneapolis show next week at Northrop. Hard copies. Pit Center Row DD (4th row). Face value $146.00 for the pair. PM if you would like them.
  15. Lance674

    Lance674 New Grayhead

    Hello All -
    I'm new to these boards - really wish I found you guys earlier.

    Anyway, I have 4 tickets to tomorrow night's show (10/11/14) in Columbus, Ohio (Palace Theatre) - My wife and I were planning on bringing our girls, but reconsidered since our youngest is only 2 years old.

    Seats are located in MFLR 2, row D, seat(s) 108, 110, 112, 114. Great seats that I would hate to go to waste.

    I'M WILLING TO GIVE THESE AWAY FOR FREE - I just don't want these to go to waste. Only catch is that they are at will-call in my name (but I have to assume that this could be addressed with the appropriate approval).

    Please PM if interested.

    Peace and Best Regards,
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  16. Krisi Berg

    Krisi Berg New Grayhead

    Hi all- I am unable to head to Milwaukee tonight to see DG from Chicago- so bummed... Couldn't find any friends intersted in my tix either- so I offered them to the English Bulldog rescue group that I work with for a charity auction last weekend. ALSO no takers either? We figured hopefully someone would maybe want to grab them here... Wish I had thought of asking other fans sooner. I love David, but bought these day of sale- and hate to miss this show tonight... but life gets in the way.... Anyways- They are posted for less than what I paid for face value and are e-tickets so you can get them today via text message from the rescue- and all proceeds will go to adoptaBull.. They're a wonderful organization. You get to see DG and help some sweet dogs too. It's a win-win. Section 1 LT, Row S, Seats 22 & 23

    This ticket package is valued at $111.00 - bids end @ 3 pm CST.
  17. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    I have one extra ticket for the RiverFeast benefit concert in Salisbury, MA. on November 15th. Price is $104.15, which is face value. Seat is at Table 14. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  18. Che

    Che New Grayhead

    Hello there

    For various reasons, I have some spare ticket for the forthcoming UK shows for sale AT COST. The tickets are as follows:

    Southend 27 Nov - single seat, 3rd row centre block
    Southend 27 Nov - single seat, 4th row centre block
    Liverpool 1 Dec - single seat, 2nd row centre block
    Liverpool 1 Dec - pair of tickets, 3rd row, centre block

    Some of these tickets were bought from the venue direct and I have them in hand. The others were bought in the DG pre-sale so I will need to collect them on the day and meet you before the show. I am still going to both shows.

    Please send me a PM if interested.


    PS Although I am new here, I have known Rena and nevermind for a long time and I am sure they will vouch for me!!
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  19. Caryl Munsell

    Caryl Munsell New Grayhead

    I'm looking to buy 2 tix to Riverfeast on Sat., 11/15/14 @ Blue Ocean Music Hall, Salisbury, MA.
  20. Caryl Munsell

    Caryl Munsell New Grayhead

    If this said 2 tix, I'd be doing the happy dance. Still looking but thanks ....

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