FREE TICKET - David Gray Auckland show tonight!

Discussion in 'Tour 2015' started by Agent24, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Agent24

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    If you're in Auckland (or can get there!) and wished you had a ticket to see David tonight but couldn't afford one or missed out, here's your chance!

    I'm going tonight and have 3 tickets. Two for myself and a friend, and one which is now spare, and I figured the most worthwhile use of the ticket is to give it away to someone who deserves it.

    This is NOT a scam or a joke - see attached photo - I am doing this because I know it will mean a lot to someone.

    So, if you (or someone you know) deserves this, don't hesitate to get in contact ASAP.

    The ticket in question is for Stalls, Row S, seat 36. Seating and other details at if you're unsure where that is.

    Rules of sorts - READ CAREFULLY!:

    1) Be honest! This is a last-chance opportunity for someone who would really love to go but would otherwise have missed out. I'd like to see the ticket go to someone who deserves it.

    2) We (my friend and I) will meet you outside the ASB Theatre\Aotea Centre before the show starts (exact time\location to be confirmed), and we'll all go in together. I will not just hand you the ticket, so if you have some idea of running off with it and trying to scalp it or something, forget it!

    3) I provide the ticket and that's pretty much it. I can't provide transport (sorry!). I will be getting there on the train\bus and taking a taxi home. If you live in West Auckland or somewhere along the way we can probably share the taxi back, but aside from that you'll have to work transport out yourself.

    So... Contact me via the Forum (send a Private Message\Email) etc and tell me three things:
    1) Why you think you (or the person you choose) should get the ticket
    2) What your\their transport will be
    3) Phone number etc so I can contact you

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  2. Agent24

    Agent24 New Grayhead

    Anyone? Need a reply soon if anyone is interested!
  3. John

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    Hey @Agent24,

    that's a great idea. Maybe you post it in the official facebookgroup for the gig - because this forum isn't that viral^^

    I hope someone gets your ticket!

    Have a huuuuge concert ;)


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