Friends of Jo Cox - You Can't Always Get What You Want.. out now !

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    You probably heard the tragic story of Jo Cox who was killed this year.

    Friends of Jo Cox featuring MP4, Steve Harley, Ricky Wilson, KT Tunstall and David Gray cover Rolling Stones classic You Can’t Always Get What You Want in honour of Jo Cox MP’s legacy and work

    I urge everyone to support this special project and buy the single:

    David Gray said “In an era of public disenchantment that has seen politics discredited by corruption scandals and characterized by political campaigns driven by hateful and divisive language, Jo Cox was that rare thing – someone you could believe in. A dedicated politician working at the heart of her community who believed in a politics of compassion and in building a fairer world.”

    Please spread the word and make this the UK Christmas number one ! :)
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    Thank you @Marcel! I like it a lot - and this cause is so enormously important to handle - for us in europe - especially our dear europeans in the UK.
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