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Discussion in 'Other Music' started by ak11, Feb 13, 2014.

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    I hate you @davidcotyalex for typing these "mehs" all around and everywhere in this forum.. (and probably in other forums as well^^)
    Can't you say concretely what you think in more then one sentence?? :D Or just don't say a word if you don't like something?! :oops::eek: Isn't he a true musician? :p:D And I thought you like him ?!

    And yes, i saw the winking smiley.. But I could'nt go further without saying what I think :*
  3. davidcotyalex

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    hate is a strong word

    he is meh........which his show was

    very under impressed when i saw him at the hollywood bowl........and he came off as a tool as well

  4. John

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    Yep - I don't hate YOU.. But I hate you FOR.. ;) So I hate just the mehs..

    hmmm. :confused:

    Yes! Nearly a bit too long for you if you ask me ;)
  5. Main

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    I like "meh".. it says so much in such a clear way ;) :D
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  6. John

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    meh :nailbiting:

    Btw: we even have a smiley vor "meh" -> :meh: :meh:
  7. ak11

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    Read dca's report on the hollywood bowl show and you'll understand :p
    Anyway, I think the guy's brilliant. And if the live show is anywhere near the quality of that Letterman live.. wow.. :eek:
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  9. John

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    Check it out: - actually it's visible on tope of the site - otherwise use the search.

    Brilliant concert and interview.. Can't wait for the concert in less then a month.. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  10. Marcel

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    New album Didn't he Ramble

    Not so meh...

    Just saying... ;)
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