Gold in a Brass Age DX edition

Discussion in 'David Gray's Music' started by Foundling In The Reeds, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Foundling In The Reeds

    Foundling In The Reeds New Grayhead

    The deluxe version of Gold In A Brass Age will have 3 unreleased songs on it: "Hole In The Weather", "Glass Half Full" and "The Search Is On". Does anyone know if the latter pair of songs will be released separately?

    I'm really hoping for a Spotify release as well. It's just tough to justify the $130 for this set. I already have the CD and the Barnes & Noble yellow vinyl editions, so I don't think I will be getting the deluxe package.

    Fingers crossed!
  2. Captain Tapir

    Captain Tapir Member Grayhead

    I spoiled myself for my birthday and went ahead and ordered. I really love all the artwork (I wish there were a print of some kind with all the art for the different songs I could frame!) and am a sucker for special packages from David. I bought 3 cd copies, the digital copy, the regular LP and the B&N Lp...but still couldn't stay away from this package it looks so sharp.

    I'm just hoping there is a download card/code for the new tracks, as there is with any other vinyl I've received. Without a way to play the vinyl, I'm mostly in the collecting mode (I frame all the LP's from David to hang in my office) right now but would love to hear the couple new things exclusive to this set!
  3. joshua_nathan

    joshua_nathan Member Grayhead

    Sold out in the US online shop. Won't make a show this year, either. This is what I get for waiting! haha... maybe after the tour there will be a few put back online. Fingers crossed.
  4. Raymond

    Raymond Member Grayhead

    Still waiting for my DX box to arrive. Curious about the new tracks, anyone heard them yet? :)
  5. Captain Tapir

    Captain Tapir Member Grayhead

    Mine arrived last Friday.....but no record player in the house to hear the new tracks! The packaging is GORGEOUS though. I want to frame all of the sleeves!!

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