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    I've started a thread for the new album tour (I hope thats ok with our Mods?!?) as I just wanted to post a couple of thoughts of mine from the two shows I went to at Cambridge Corn Exchange on 16th March & Royal Festival Hall 17th March -

    These were my first shows seeing DG since 2014 due to moving to Malta and sadly missing the solo tour as I was alittle busy preparing to get married :) Been very excited about the new music and couldn't wait to hear David in a live environment again especially bringing the new songs to life. And from the very start I could tell this really is a special record and going to a great tour, wow 'Mallory' was incredible (was better at Cambridge than at London show due to some technical issues). Surely one of his best ever songs, the power and raw emotion of this song when played live is palpable. I could feel & hear the loud physical exhale from a women behind me at the end of the song, it is so powerful, it's amazing. I'm jealous of those who get to see and hear this for the first time this tour.

    The setlists have been great in my opinion, big fan of front loading the show with the new songs. Was lucky to hear the whole album live across both shows and all the songs were fantastic but highlights for me (in addition to 'Mallory') were 'Furthering', 'Gold in a Brass Age' and 'Ridiculous Heart'. Special mention for 'It's Late' which he dedicated to his oldest daughter as she found Londonboy Tattooer(artwork) on Instagram and showed DG his work - I am paraphrasing but it was something like 'This is called 'It's Late' and for my daughter, i'll leave her to work out its meaning' haha. As mentioned the setlists have been excellent but particularly good in showcasing the back catalogue, straight into 'Sail Away' & 'My Oh My' after the new stuff then other highlights such as 'Slow Motion' and 'Kathleen'. 'Birds of the High Artic' was incredible too and glad this is still in rotation.

    Quick mention for the band before I go - love the addition of Ben De Vries - from producer to band member worked seamlessly if you ask me. Tim and Robbie were so good as we've come to expect, unfortunately my seats at both shows were stage left so I couldn't see Keith very well.

    I've rambled on for too long and I probably lost you halfway through, but thanks for reading my mind dump on the DG tour. Loving the new album and now I have some serious post DG gig blues, can't wait to see him again live. It will be my 30th time so hopefully it's sooner rather than later.

    Ciao for now from the Maltese archipelago.
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    Just realised where I've posted this haha! in the Tour 2017 section, please can it moved to a more appropriate place? thanks
  3. WhereIfall2013

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    Also wanted to add how great it was to see Marcel, John, Rena & Nevermind again :) Hope it isn't long until we meet again :)
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  4. nevermind

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    Likewise. Lovely to see you again!
  5. Teemto

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    May 19, 2019
    Higginson Park
    Marlow, United Kingdom

    - Anyone going to this?

    TO MY KNOWLEDGE, the last time he played at an outdoor UK festival was the Greenwich Music Time.. and he played Nightblindness.

    That's good enough for me?? Anyone else? :D
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  6. Ted K

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    At the Beacon Theater in NYC tonight. Looking foward to being uplifted
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  7. Jim G

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    David Gray Indianapolis, Indiana 06/11/19 - Mallory
    I didnt bring my good camera last night so its a not great cell vid of an amazing new song

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  8. Jim G

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    David Gray Indianapolis, Indiana 06/11/19 - Freedom
    I didnt bring my good camera last night so its a not great cell vid of an amazing song from New Day at Midnight (unfortunately the focus doesnt improve till about half way thru)

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  9. John

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    Nice - thank you! Any chance you catched "Watching the Waves"? I simply love the extended version! Hope you had a great show!
  10. Captain Tapir

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    MINNEAPOLIS 2019-06-15

    Great show at the State on Saturday night, as always from David. The new songs were the highlight for me. The first 8 numbers the best of the night. The band was crisp and David was highly passionate during these, really giving a deeper layer than the album versions. I wish the crowd (at least the majority of those in the first 4 rows in front of us) knew these tunes beforehand and gave them the attention they deserved. Too many talking or continually leaving for drinks during the best part of the whole show. Very disappointed those are the ones up front, instead of those of us (and behind or above us) that were deeply immersed in the beauty coming from the stage.

    Second highlight had to be the cover of Dylan’s “Jokerman” in the solo portion. At one point he seemed tripped up and commented “there’s a lot of words in this one”!

    I got the setlist from the keyboard, and marked the changes (digitally!) to show what was actually played, Ill attempt to tack it on here.

  11. Raymond

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    If anyone is wondering, this is the opening track of the current DG tour (also to be found in the Spotify DG - Fresh Fruit playlist):

    Birkwin Jersey - Sixes & Nines

    And some from previous tours:

    Terry Callier - Cotton Eyed Joe

    The Durutti Column - Sketch for A Summer

    John Cale - Big White Cloud
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  12. Captain Tapir

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    Thank you! I was wondering what it was!
  13. Jefe

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    Thanks for the updates and setlist info!

    Seeing the show tomorrow night in Seattle, and am very excited!

    Ticketmaster lists the show as "David Gray and Gaby Moreno"... I'm guessing Gaby is the opener? Can anyone let me know how her set is, and how long it is? Also, tickets say show starts at 8pm... I'm guessing that's Gaby's start time, but just want to make sure.

    Thanks in advance!
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  14. mr_stanley

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    She played solo with a guitar for David Gray's Akron, Ohio show. Seems like she played 40 minutes roughly and 8 to 10 songs. I never heard of her until then, but she put on a great show and now I have bought a few albums and like her music pretty well. She sang mostly english songs starting out then had some in spanish towards the end of her set. She started right on time as the tickets show time and was very entertaining. If you're a fan of hers then make sure you're on time. Enjoy the show!

  15. Jim G

    Jim G New Grayhead

    Sadly i did start recording it because i love that song, but just then the numerous drinkers in my aisle decided they had to go out so i stopped to let them by. i only got about a usable min and half so i deleted it. i regretted it later
  16. Jim G

    Jim G New Grayhead

    I agree with this she sang solo w/guitar in Indy and i was very pleasantly surprised. She had a very sweet lovely voice i would def recommend getting there on time to catch her.
  17. Jim G

    Jim G New Grayhead

    David Gray Indianapolis, Indiana 06/11/19 - compilation (includes Sail Away, My Oh My, Be Mine, and The Other Side)
  18. carmel59

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    that's OK Jim, the music comes through great. This is my all time fave of David's. I believe he wrote this after his Dad died. "If I close my eyes, I can still can see him dancing...." Love that, reminds me every time of my own Dad.

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