Gold in A Brass Age.

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    *pulls out the keys, opens the door, sits down*
    *wipes the dust off the dashboard, inserts keys into slot*
    *engine revs, stalls out.*
    *puts keys in again, engine revs, and it roars like she always has."

    Liftoff y'all! What's good my Grayheads!! What's goin' on?! I've been on a ludicrous musical bender with notable bands such as The National/Amos Lee/Mumford and Sons/Maggie Rogers/Big Red Machine/Cigarettes After Sex/Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats/and a new guy called Mondo Cozmo, as of late... but this is not why I write! I gotta say at long last, it's good to be back!

    Here's my early take. It'll change once the words set in - so this post will morph in time. It'll just take a few days.

    The Sapling - Eh. It’s okay to me. I like the hard 3rd beat. That's all I've got.

    Gold in a Brass Age - Solid Song. It’s chill, but the layering of vocals brings a subtle energy to it, and i’m all about that kinda thing.

    Furthering - Featuring the DAVOCODER?! Attaboy welcome to the new age of music my dude. I dig this track because it too starts out very simple and subtle, but the complexion just sneaks right in so nicely by the end. Dave sure loves that reverb/tremolo effect as of that solo tour.

    Ridiculous Heart/Its Late - It’s a little chaotic rhythmically speaking for me, but I think this combo will grow on me live. Electronic drums have a bigger boom live anyhow.

    A Tight Ship - Does anyone else hear a callback to Long Distance Call? I sure do. This one’s fun, and will go a long way in the concert hall (re: Jimmy Kimmel Live).

    Watching the Waves - In my opinion this is the strongest track on the album. I knew it the moment he released it. To me, this is a classic, quintessential meloncholy introspective DG song. The kind where you’re at the gig, you close your eyes, bounce to the rhythm quietly and mouth the words "everything you are, I long to be". Open your eyes 30 songs to the end of the track and it’s just magic. LETS. GO.

    Hall of Mirrors - At first I had nothing to say. It's definitely not my favorite track on GIABA (is that what we're calling Gold in a Brass Age?) 3 tries later, I hear what “In God’s Name” had potential to be. It's executed waaaay better, it's equally as quirky to me... and I appreciate the how (in my opinion) there's a sonic influence from the end chord of Gulls - at the end of this song. I'm pretty sure it's the same synth/effect/chord anyhow.

    Hurricane Season - Perhaps the story goes like this: One fateful night, the gods of music decried that Nemesis, Freedom, Nightblindness, All My Last Things were to have a legendary musical orgy. So they did, and boom, Hurricane Season was unleashed upon the world. There’s no other song that has potential to be that runaway DG solo song, from my early listening anyway. Or maybe Mallory could? Brilliant segue, Fox....

    Mallory - Love it. This time it’s just Nightblindness and All My Last Things who got together to make this song. The whooooaah’s at the end make me wonder how much energy this song will actually produce live. I also really enjoy how Hurricane Season and Mallory are in the same key, and come one after the other.

    If 8 Were 9 - Sure? Let’s end it here? I get the same vibe from "Now and Always"... I’m okay with it. It’s a good song, and not your typical DG closer, but I’m cool with it. Are you? Cool.

    In closing, I feel a revival of White Ladder and ANDAM in musicality and method, while harnessing that explosion of creativity from Mutineers. I think we’ve got ourselves a fun little record and probably a very uniquely electrifying live experience. I think the album overall is quite good, love this new lyrical approach, and I think it was the right direction to go in after the last album. There's a reason why this guy's my musical rock.

    ...And on that note, I notice Tim has brought back the bleach blonde hair. I swear to god if Tim also happens to bring back that ridonkulous plaid blazer and pants he wore during Live at the Point - I won't know what to do! :cool: hahaha... Welp, that's my early take on the album. Let's hear yours?
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    I am looking forward to giving it a proper listen. I am patiently waiting on my LP. Anyone received anything from

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  3. Captain Tapir

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    I need to give a more dedicated listen, but on first pass I hear a continuation of Mutineers happening. It feels to me how I saw Foundling as the progression from Draw The Line.

    Watching The Waves and Mallory are my highlights off the bat. I feel a couple songs will grow and become live favorites, the way the arraignments are sure to be experimented with.

    Also, I hear If 8 Were 9 and think of the past - in relation to the solar system. If the 8 planets were still 9 (if Pluto was still classified as a planet, if we were in the past when it was) then the singer would have different circumstances and could “hold” the one currently enamored with.

    Probably way off, but somehow that came to me on first listen clear as a bell while I’m still yet to dissect other songs.
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  4. Teemto

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    I agree with this! But in particular this album creates a scene.. a feeling that flows entirely through the record. It's a dream-like. I'm really interested in how he's going to mix these with the oldies in the live shows - I feel we almost need Act I: New album Act II: Oldies & Hits.

    Anyways i'm enjoying it so far... my absolute fav right now is Gold In a Brass Age - I loved the sentiment and the melody the first time I heard it.

    Currently listening to the live fb performance - they're all sounding good!
  5. Rena

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    This is a must read! Although it is in German please take a minute and give the good old google translator something to do. These fine people here love this album and they are calling it „rough, mature and radical“. Knowing them I can tell you this is the highest of praises.

    And I agree. This album is radical in it‘s refusal to go with the flow and thus giving something unique to the world of music. Been listening to it‘s entirety on repeat all day now. What I am hearing are songs that lead us into new realms where we haven‘t been with David. A journey I am always happy to take because it feels interesting and fresh especially when it comes in such excellent quality. This album has a unique mood and atmosphere of it‘s own. The more I hear it the more I love it.

    I feel privileged to see this performed live at four upcoming concerts in the UK. I hope all these songs will make it into the set list. I can’t wait to hear what they will be in their live versions.
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  6. nevermind

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    Another fine review of DG‘s new album! In the very interesting interview attached, David announced the release of another new album which is nearly ready: “I’ve also recorded the best parts of another album which will emerge a bit later”!
    Wonderful news! Seems we’re getting spoiled!

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  7. cdcase

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    The vinyl edition has If 8 Were 9 before Hurricane Season and Mallory.

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  8. Captain Tapir

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    Could it be due to more bass in those two songs? In the past certain songs that needed deeper grooves for bass had to be more near the center of the vinyls, not sure if that’s still the case during this vinyl “resurgence”!

    Peter Gabriel has talked extensively about it, and why the vinyl and cd track listings were different for “So” because of it.
  9. cdcase

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    I thought it maybe due to track length. David loves 45 rpm LPs. I do too!

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  10. Main

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    I guess it is the dreamy quality of the album that I have a problem with. To me it is too "unclear", as if I am listening to it while wearing earmuffs. To be honest the feeling this album gives me is one of depression. I will have to give it more listens, but so far, it doesn't appeal to me at all. :( Some songs would probably catch me when heard live, but we have no tickets for the tour this time, so I will have to wait for all your videos to show up.
  11. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Finally got to give this album the first proper listen. It put me in a great state of mind. The only song that took me out was Hall of Mirrors, but I just came here to say MALLORY. This song is incredible. Every last note in this song calls out to me. Completely transported. I liked a few other songs, but this song has grabbed a hold me and hasn't let go yet.
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  12. Main

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    I gave it more listens and I still don't like it. I hope this is not the end of my journey with David Gray. :( Hopefully he will bring some more music that I like in the future.
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  13. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    This! :) And it's live really what you expect it could sound by listening to the recording!
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  14. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    @Main , I am sorry you are not enjoying the new album but I appreciate your honesty very much. Music, like everything in life, will speak differently to everyone. I am certain that even if this album does not grow on you that DG will have something that you love and will encourage you to journey with him once again. I have enjoyed meeting you at shows and I hope to see you at a DG show in the future!

    Admittedly this album was not not my favorite upon first hearing it. Mainly I don’t care for the effects on DG’s voice but that is just my personal taste. I am a boring purist, I suppose. It look a few listens in full for me to get there. I heard Mallory and Gold in a Brass Age in NYC in December and fell instantly and madly in love with them and that love only deepened upon hearing the album. Hurricane Season was another instant love when I heard it at first listen on release day. The rest of the album (well, most of it), is quickly embedding itself upon my heart. DG has clearly poured all of himself into this album and I applaud him for creating and releasing something that is so unique. Much happiness and success to him as he takes it to the world.

    I hope that everyone who is able to attend an upcoming show does so. At least so far he is starting with a good 8 or 9 songs off the new album, playing a few solo songs, and of course mixing in as many of the crowd pleasers and standards as possible. Freedom is back and is glorious. Please Forgive Me is rocking again after the solo tour slow down. The band sounds great, as always! Maybe for me this tour is not as “wow” as the Mutineers tour or as stirring as the solo tour was (mentally comparing to the recent tours) but I am not disappointed in the least. So, anyway - please go, listen, cheer loudly, maybe dance ... ENJOY!
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  15. Mark

    Mark New Grayhead

    I saw David Gray in Cardiff last Friday. The songs from the new album are something magic live. It makes you appreciate the album a whole lot more. Has anyone done the VIP package? What do you get? I'm doing VIP for Bournemouth and I cannot wait to see him live again. I hope I bump into him for a photo.
  16. Teemto

    Teemto Active Grayhead

    I do think that the live shows are missing a ‘Nemesis’ -type song. I’ve seen that he dives into Furthering, Watching the Waves.. and to some extent Hurricane Season. But Nemesis is just a beast of its own that is hard to follow-up! Hopefully this’ll change as the tour develops and him and the band experiment a bit more.

    That being said, I can’t stop listening to Hurricane Season. I’ve literally got it on repeat and I’ve never done this before with any of his tracks lol !
  17. joshua_nathan

    joshua_nathan Member Grayhead

    I can genuinely say that I’ve really enjoyed the various iterations of David Gray that we’ve been fortunate enough to hear. From A Century Ends to Gold in a Brass Age, he’s been able to capture a bit of magic in each release, and they’re all really unique.

    I discovered David Gray on MTV2 in 2000, I think. The Babylon video, of course. I was 15 or 16, and immediately bought what back catalog was available, and downloaded every rare track I could find on Napster. Part of the problem with falling in love with someone’s music or writing as a teenager is that those are very formative years, and things seem much more profound than they really may be. So it’s easy to wonder why he’s not writing another Gathering Dust or Hold on to Nothing, because those songs meant a lot to me as a sappy 17 year old!

    That said, I love the direction he’s been going. I honestly think that All My Last Things is the greatest song that David’s done yet, and this is a continuation of that song, and I think it’s great. Every one of these songs has such fantastic elements, that even if you’re not sure about the beginning of a song, by God, the ending is fantastic! It’s definitely interesting. I know I’ve seen the word “ethereal’ used to describe this release, and I think that’s fair. It floats around in your head and is heavy all at the same time. The guy still has that magic touch!
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  18. Ted K

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    It's not that I don't like it, it is a new experience to not find one song that I love. Seeing him next week in NYC. Hoping that gives me a new perspective.
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