Good Cake Bad Cake The Story of Lir, feat. Robbie Malone

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    Once there was a time when Robbie Malone was the bass player of an promising new band called LIR !
    In 2011 I was lucky enough to see this great band live in Dublin! Not only the band, their story as well is absolutely amazing!
    Good Cake Bad Cake: The Story of Lir is an epic biopic about a bunch of teenagers from Dublin who dreamed of conquering the musical world, only to see their hopes and dreams destroyed by bad luck, disasters, and tragedies. Lir, once feted by the music industry as ‘the next U2', dreamed of escaping their bleak ‘80s existence but their downfall is only matched in grandeur by the scale of their ambition.


    Director: Shimmy Marcus
    Starring: Ronan Byrne, David McGuinness, Colm Quearney, Robert Malone, John Boyle, David Hopkins, Craig Hutchinson

    Duration: 82 minutes

    Watch the whole video here:
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