Happy 100th!!

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  1. davidcotyalex

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    let's just say I was there for the most incredible evolution from dayton to nyc...............and why I am so in love with you and where you are

    even tho you still don't believe me lmfao!
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  2. Saintsfan

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    Some photos for Wolfie to remember #100 by... 9_26_14 harmonica.jpg 9_26_14 CD.jpg 9_26_14 JS guitar.jpg 9_26_14 DG guitar.jpg 9_26_14 DG guitar 2.jpg 9_26_14 group.jpg 9_16_14 lights.jpg 9_26_14 JS harmonium.jpg 9_26_14 RM.jpg
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    Congrats wolfie! Cheers 'as the century ends' and another begins!
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  4. Michelle Credle

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  5. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    They really are. Thank you for sharing them with us, Sainstfan!!
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  6. Marcel

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    Congratulations @wolfie !

    Amazing amount of shows, and unique experiences all around those too.

    I would not be myself if I would not put all this in some sort of perspective though ;) As you know I do not count the amount of shows I went to, just like I never count the amount of Guinness that I drink around these events :D I am sure we both agree on quality versus quantity etc.... So there is no top 10 fans, and there is no race to be won here...

    I went to a few shows with you and it was a real privilege as you are such a true and genuine fan. It felt comforting as when I meet other people and tell them about my love for the music and what I do they sometimes think I am crazy... :eek: Luckily I always have a few examples that put me in some sort of perspective...

    What I find amazing about you is the commitment you have shown on the former DGBB and this forum to share your thoughts and experiences on all these gigs you went to... and there have been quite a few where there were no others from here to report back, but there was always you Wolfie !

    So here is to you, crazy amazing girl.. Hope to see you soon :happy:

    All the love.

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  7. wolfie

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    And I absolutely respect your choice not to count, Marcel. I never counted until a few years ago and then it just became a point of novelty or curiosity or whatever you want to call it. That's it! I think I saw a poll on the old board asking how many shows people had been to and it made me curious to count my own. I certainly don't go to shows to amass a certain quantity. I go because I love it and I can. And it's all quality to me, whether someone goes to 1 show or 1oo. We're all fans of DG's - no matter the number of shows. I don't look at things in terms of better or worse or bigger or lesser fan or top 10 or winning a race. Hopefully those here who have met me and understand me know my heart and perspective on all of this....Bottom line is that I appreciate Vicki for her kindness in wanting to do something nice for me and I appreciate DG for being so generous to me -- they both have beautiful hearts and I thank them for bringing smiles to my face. Over all things, joy...
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