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    Just to put on some info here about the forthcoming tour (and to fill this as yet still free part of the new boards) here something that was found on the internet about the Sounding Out gigs this december:

    David Gray is happy to announce that he’ll return to Ireland in December with the Sounding Out Tour around the county between 2nd and 11th December. David is currently mixing his forthcoming album but is looking forward to taking a break to get out on the road again. Special guest opening each night will be Lisa O’ Neill.

    On 4th November, David invited fans to pick the places they’d like him to play and the response was huge! Thousands of Irish fans logged onto and made their voices heard loud and clear. The venues were then booked and the tour is now confirmed with all tickets being allocated amongst those who have registered on the website only.

    The Sounding Out Tour will see David play shows in a variety of smaller venues around Ireland as he notes himself:

    Sounding Out because this is an exploratory venture on every level, both creatively and otherwise.
    This tour is a whole new line-up playing a whole new swathe of material as yet untried and untested in the public domain, and after 12 months hard labour in the studio, very much a wetting of the baby’s head. It's a first saying of something, a first utterance. It's also an attempt to plot a tour by letting the passion and enthusiasm of the audience guide the wheels of the tour bus, and in so doing reconnect with the people, with feelings harboured on both sides.
    To reintroduce myself, not just to those living in the big cities but also those living in the more far flung parishes”.

    David has put a band together especially for this tour that includes Robbie Malone, Caroline Dale, David Kitt, Niamh Farrell and Lisa O'Neill.

    Marcel - feel free to move this post if it belongs to another section of the board...
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    Great, thanks for posting.
    The name David Kitt definitely rings a bell, has he supported David in the past?

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    When I am right, he is a quiet popluar irish musician and singer who already released a bunch of (well reviewed) albums - might give him a try. Here's what our beloved wiki says about him:

    David Kitt (born 1975 in Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish musician. He is the son of Irish politician Tom Kitt.
    He has released six studio albums to date: Small Moments, The Big Romance, Square 1, The Black and Red Notebook, Not Fade Away and The Nightsaver.

    It also states there, that in the past he every once in a while toured as a live band member with different groups and artists - so I think this is him there on the Ireland tour with the other David...
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    Thanks Nikdom yes that sounds like him, but just wondering if he has supported David in the past.


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