Inspiration for Gulls?

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    Where The Wild Gulls Fly
    O lift me high upon the wind,
    To where the wild gulls fly -
    Above the mighty ocean’s swell,
    Across the sapphire sky.

    My refuge be the sailing ships
    Which brave the raging seas,
    And isles adorned with swaying Palms,
    My heart to thus appease.

    Then circling high above the storms
    Of life’s beleaguered trail -
    O carry me to distant shores,
    To fly o’er hill and vale.

    The wild gulls cry, the sweetest sound,
    Is calling, calling me -
    And I shall follow where they lead,
    To where I shall be free.

    O lift me high upon the wind,
    To where the wild gulls fly -
    Beyond all things that serve to bind,
    Above the earth, so high.

    And higher still to realms unknown
    To mortal man below -
    Behold the sun, behold the moon,
    And dawn’s soft afterglow.

    May air as sweet as angels’ breath
    Caress me as I soar -
    To feel nirvana’s soft embrace,
    Enfold me evermore.

    Valerie Dohren

    o_OI should explain why I posted this, in the recent interview (that was posted on this site), DG did in Ireland, he mentioned a poem that was inspiration for Gulls. Made me want to know what the poem was. Could this be it?
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    David has often mentioned his inspirations for songs from what he has read. Most interestingly, the line about bullets in the green leaves in The One I Love, from a newspaper article he read on a war.
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    He mentioned in his most recent interview that a poem inspired Gulls directly. I can't remember if he mentioned which one specifically.

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