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    Good one! Thanks for sharing!

    I have watched a ton of interviews. One of my favorites is one with CNN. It's very short, but shockingly raw. What he says about how he has become music added to his lingering emotion after finishing We Could Fall in Love Again Tonight gives me goosebumps.

    Not exactly interviews, but I love all the ones he did for each of the songs on Foundling that are up on his YouTube page. Also, Marcel has posted several of my favorite sessions, including this "Songbook" one:
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    such good stuff......I love his sense of humor, and the insight these interviews give us really explain his mindset.
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    now isn't this delightful
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    Another excellent interview. And ah haa!!!! the answer or explanation to the lyric "naked as a tree" is to be found there!!!

    Thank you for that one s06!
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    I just loved that last paragraph, how devoted he is to the purity of his craft is amazing to me and how he can articulate that.

    This last concert I went to there was a couple there that just didn't "get" what he was doing. I think they were there to hear one song, cause after it was played, they left. Unreal to me. Talked and laughed the whole concert, like there was no one on stage. So in a small way I can feel DG's frustration. After going to over a hundred concerts you must be "one" with the songwriter!!!
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    Really great interview. Such a thoughtful man!
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    Ha! That was a good one!
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    REally like that one, gave me a more indepth I wasn't totally aware of, thank you!!!!!
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    @JustNat Great find! Funny and interesting to read this :)

    Thanks @wolfie, this is one of my most loved interviews with Mr. Gray. I've read this before but lost it then in the wide wide web :D Gladly I catched it now forever ^^
    Thank you for getting it back to my Eyes! I love this so much because of the many information it shares of David and David's crew: It's just great to see (again and again) that they are so into the thing they do. I think I love David (including his music^^) that much because he hasnt lost his feets on ground, as this article shows once more. David shows how passion and routine can go hand in hand! I can't wait to see them all again! Hopefully the "European Tour" will grow.. I would love to write more and more - but I guess you got the message :oops::rolleyes::D:D
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