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  1. Julian

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    The excellent John Smith of Devon,England;seen on tour with David supporting at shows in US and UK already this year.Also playing in Dave's band;and doing an excellent job too!He'll be supporting 13 shows in US on the upcoming tour in August.
    [​IMG]John SmithVerified account‏@johnsmithguitar
    US friends! I’m coming to America next week to open for David Gray in 13 of your finest cities. Full details are at x

    Anyway,I was very excited when John would be the support in Manchester.I've liked his music for a while.Most recent album - Great Lakes is very good indeed and well worth listening to.He played four songs from it during his five song set.He finished with Winter,a superb track from The Fox and The Monk.He is very reminiscent of a young John Martyn both in his voice and his guitar playing style.

    Well done to DG for using his considerable talents.Excellent!:):headphone:
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  2. Julian

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  3. carmel59

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    John Smith in Rochester, Hills, August 2014.
    I could have listened to his music for hours. Fantastic songwriter and guitarist. A true artist!!! And was able to meet him in the lobby,........a brief encounter, very gracious.
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  4. carmel59

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    John Smith

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  5. carmel59

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    The last song of his set really showcased his guitar technique, wish I new the name of it. IMG_1460.jpg
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  6. Julian

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    You are so right Carmel.Actually it's quite spooky,he appears to be looking more and more like a young John Martyn!:wideyed:
  7. carmel59

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    He kinda does!. Don't know of John Martyn. Found a 1978 version of Couldn't Love You More, .....beautiful.
  8. JackieJo

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    Winter. And you can watch a video of him performing that song at Whelan's. If I remember , the fellow who did David's video for Gulls recorded it.
  9. carmel59

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    Thank you!!!
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  10. carmel59

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    I wanted to mention John Smith again, people, if he is the opener don't miss him. I didn't know what to expect and I was blown away by his talent.
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  11. carmel59

    carmel59 Well-Known Grayhead

    sounds lovely indeed.

    Was taken by a surprise meeting in an elevator in Rochester Hills, warm, friendly, just like the music he performs.
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  12. KirstenH

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    I thought it was very cool that John Smith used this guitar technique. Ben Howard uses this technique on Under the Same Sun.
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  13. nevermind

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    John Smith changed his tour plan!

    "It gives me great pleasure to announce the first support band on my UK tour. I first saw Keston Cobblers' Clubat Deershed Festival this year. They are brilliant! They’ll be opening in Aldershot, Colchester and London. Check them out here: "​

  14. John

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    A free and legal download given by John Smith (Great Lakes Live):

    (You have to click on the down arrow !)

    Johns Post on FB:

    It's now just over three weeks until my biggest headline show to date! I’m playing a seated show at London Shepherd’s Bush Empire on November 22nd…get your tickets HERE:

    To mark the occasion, I’m giving away a very limited amount of Live EPs from last year's gig at the Union Chapel, featuring seven songs from the show. Each disc is signed and numbered. The first 300 people through the door at Shepherd’s Bush will get a copy! If you're coming to any of the other shows, ask at the merchandise stand…I’ll put a few to the side.

    In the meantime you can download a FREE TRACK from the Live EP here!

    Rehearsals start next week! Getting nervous and excited now. I'd love to hear your suggestions for the setlist.

    See you soon!

    Smith x
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