July 22, 2017 - Kilkenny- St. Canice's Cathedral

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  1. wolfie

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    DG back at St. Canice's! Amazing! I got there a bit earlier than necessary to queue for the show (general admission) but it was worth it because I got a great seat and also reconnected with a couple I'd met while waiting for admission at the last Kilkenny show. Meeting up with them again made the night extra special.

    St. Canice's Cathedral is a beautiful building and to get to hear such beautiful voices inside it is a special privilege. A night at church indeed. Niahm Farrell and her guitarist started the night off right. It was a special night for Niahm with some of her family in attendance. Her voice is one of the most beautiful I have ever heard. Perfect choice for an opener for this tour.

    While waiting on line to get in we got to hear the sound check. You could tell that DG was having a bit of voice trouble. That was evident again when the show started. However, David pushed through and, bless him, sang for us for well over two hours. It was a jam packed setlist. Falling Free has become a real favorite of mine. I am thrilled that Say Hello is getting played on a consistent basis. Niahm joined David on Snow in Vegas and Kathleen and then also came back out during the encore to sing on Dancing With Both Feet Off the Ground, which I was sooooo happy to hear again (please release this song!!!!). I wanted badly to hear Nightblindness again and I got to last night. Nemesis was a perfect ending.

    There is much more I could say but I have to catch a bus. Lovely venue and generous and heartfelt show by Niahm and David!

    Setlist for Kilkenny:

    One Fine Morning

    Coming Down

    Falling Free





    Hello Goodbye

    Only the Wine

    It Accumulates


    Snow in Vegas




    World to Me

    Be Mine

    Sail Away





    Dancing With Both Feet Off the Ground

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  2. Lou

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    Thanks for the info!! I'm in Wexford for tonight's show. Can't wait

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  3. VickiC

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    Thank you, @wolfie ! That is quite a setlist! I can't wait to hear how Wexford is tonight :)
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  4. Lou

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    Wexford set:
    Coming down
    Falling free
    Gathering dust
    Last boat - supposed to include Smoke but didn't
    Dub laoghaire
    World to me
    Be mine
    Night blindness

    Dancing both feet
    Supposed to include hello goodbye /otherwise but didn't
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  5. Lou

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    Wexford : Dun Laoghaire. I hope this link works !!
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  6. chris johnson

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    That's Dun Laoghaire? I thought I knew all of David's work, but this was new to me.
  7. Lou

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    It's stunning !!
  8. wolfie

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    Aw @Lou you should have started a thread for Wexford. Thank you for posting the setlist and video (editing to say I have better internet now and can see the video- thanks, again).
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  9. Lou

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    @wolfie I wasn't sure how to start a new thread so kept it simple with the Kilkenny one. ✌️
  10. Main

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    Thanks for the review and the link! Can't wait to see him in Lucerne tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing you there too, @wolfie! :)
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