Kilkenny - St. Canice's Cathedral - Dec 7, 2013

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  1. Rena

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    All conversation about the December 7, 2013 show at St. Canice's Cathedral - Kilkenny can go into this thread. This includes all the excitement, pre-concert meet ups and post concert conversations, reports, setlists...
  2. wolfie

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    Kilkenny tonight! I am really liking Kilkenny. Popped into the Cathedral yesterday afternoon for a sneak-peak at the inside. Beautiful sunrise this morning. Looking immensely forward to tonight.
  3. Marcel

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    And with Wolfie at first row (whats new here...) we look forward to hear her review later !


  4. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Set List for Kilkenny:


    Dun Laoghaire


    I Want All My Cake and Eat It


    Ain't No Love


    Dancing With Both Feet Off the Ground

    Gathering Dust


    L's Song

    Mansion on the Hill





    The Incredible



    Laughing Gas


  5. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Mind is completely blown so no deep thoughts tonight but just a few details ... Shine/L's Song/Mansion/Everytime were David solo on Guitar. TOIL and Flame were David and Robbie, and TYL was David, Robbie and Caroline. Cake got an incredible reception. Longest version of the Flame Turns Blue story I've ever heard him tell. David was pretty chatty in general, tonight, and I always love every bit of his insights, jokes, stories, etc.. Incredible ending to Nemesis that resulted in David's microphone falling off the stage - as he said, he should really try to get more into his songs! lol A very nice gentleman's phone rang during Sail and David heard it, of course, and stopped and told the guy to just answer it. Then he picked the song back up and all was well. Cathedral didn't have the cozy feel of the Abbey but my goodness was it majestic - in sights and sounds. The sound of David's choir in that church .... ahhhh. He and they impress me anew each night. Sending my deepest, sincerest thanks out to them.
  6. davidcotyalex

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    Thanks Wolfe for this and all of your loving getting to know your impressions. ;) The church and sunrise all sound perfect ....... And David in a good mood - hilarious on stopping! Poor dude! The richness of songs he is spreading throughout these shows is awesome - along with the prominence of songs like dust and of course the new songs - all very impressive! Jealous button getting pushed pretty much each day now! Enjoy the remaining!
  7. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    would be awesome if some analytical stats type grayhead came along and put together lists of frequency of songs what songs have been played etc??!!! :rolleyes:

    like now - tying to remember if force of nature or whatever its name was played in a gig or on the radio or what not...........??

    anyhoo just a thought!!
  8. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Kilkenny was actually the first county I selected when I entered the ticket lottery and last night confirmed my instincts. The Kilkenny Cathedral was an unbelievable setting in which to experience David’s music. I feel honored and privileged to have been there.

    Gulls started off the evening again and it sounded the best of any night so far. Something about the soaring ceiling that just seemed to carry their voices to the sky in such a rich and vivid way. All of the new songs received a great reception but Cake got a particularly loud round of applause and some cheers. When introducing Ain’t No Love David said that many people wonder about its meaning and that it really comes down to the question of love or survival. When he introduced Dancing he said that one is clear – it’s a love song. I don’t know what it is about that song. It speaks to me in some strange, magical way – I love it so. Gathering Dust was again done by the whole band and then David treated us to solo versions of Shine, L’s Song, Mansion on the Hill and Everytime. He said something to introduce just about every song and for Everytime he pointed out that it is from Sell, Sell, Sell and joked something like it was the album that made his career and that he had met everyone who bought it – all three couples. :) TOIL got some cheers when David and Robbie started it and it seemed like the crowd really enjoyed that one. When he started TYL, David said that it was okay if people wanted to sing along- that he wasn’t really the boss there. That made me smile. The Incredible was just that – when all the voices joined in the sound and energy seemed to fill every crevice of the Cathedral. I think they are still a bit nervous playing it as it is challenging song but they shouldn’t worry – it is really sounding fantastic!! Nemesis was amazing. David got really into it at the end and grabbing his microphone ended with it first spinning around and then moments later falling off the stage completely. Best Nemesis of the tour.

    When they came back out for the encore David joked that he should really get more into the songs. Ha! I can honestly say that he gave everything and then some last night! Even after all that he and the band treated us to a three song encore. Laughing Gas was followed by Babylon and Sail Away. There was great audience participation during both Babylon and Sail Away and with Sail it started right off and sounded soooo sweet in that church setting – it sounded as if the audience was the choir signing a hymn. A ringing phone unfortunately interrupted the magic and David was, understandably, annoyed but he handled it as well as can be expected. When the ringing continued he stopped the song , advised the man to simply answer the call and joked that it was probably the babysitter – that it is always the bloody babysitter. The song was restarted by David, the band and the audience and when it was over so was another incredible night of this Irish tour. It’s all going too fast now for my liking. As I said above, I have the deepest and sincerest gratitude for what David and the band do each night on that stage. For feeding my soul in a way nothing else ever has or ever will – thank you.
  9. wolfie

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  10. wolfie

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  11. Marcel

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    Thanks Wolfie for letting us know your thoughts on this gig.... L's song ? Wow, very nice.

    I love the incredible and cake, the last one quite simple in a way, and somehow feels like it's more a part of a song..:rolleyes:

    Busy days ahead for the band, sounds like everyone is still in great spirits so all good there.

    Take care !

  12. nevermind

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    Thanks for your wonderful review, Wolfie!
  13. daveeliver

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    Thanks Wolfie, I really enjoyed your review. Wish I'd been there. Roll on Wednesday, though the Waterboys tonight should be great also.
  14. ak11

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    I saw Gathering Dust on the list and I immediately approved this tour.
  15. nevermind

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    Found this awesome photo on twitter! Photo by E. Kavanagh: David Gray at St Canice's cathedral
  16. nevermind

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  17. Seneca

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    From Wolfie's writeup, this sounds like perhaps the best show of the tour so far. Awesome that L's Song made an appearance!!
  18. Elysium

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    Thanks for a wonderful review Wolfie, sounds absolutely breath taking, memories you will cherish forever.
    Hope you enjoy the remaining gigs as much x :)
  19. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Thanks, David. :)
  20. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    This one and the Bangor Abbey show have been my favorites so far. Best combinations of music, atmosphere, DG's apparent mood, etc. for me. But all good so... :)

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