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    i love that lyric "only drowning men can see him" fantastic. Leonard Cohen....another treasure for the world.
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    Great News!

    Leonard Cohen to Release New Album For 80th Birthday Next Month
    'Popular Problems' info unveiled at singer's Irish fan convention

    Leonard Cohen
    BY ANDY GREENE | August 11, 2014
    Leonard Cohen will commemorate his 80th birthday next month by releasing a new LP entitled Popular Problems. While Cohen's representative could not confirm the album, word of the release dropped last week at Leonard Cohen Event 2014, an officially sanctioned fan convention held in Dublin. There's also a September 22nd release date for Popular Problems listed on Amazon France...

    "Leonard has worked hard on his next studio album of entirely new songs," read a foreword to the event booklet written by Jarkko Arjatsalo, a finnish accountant that runs Cohen's authorized fan site The Leonard Cohen Files and serves as a liaison between the singer and his fan community. "He asked me to let you know that Popular Problems will be out at the end of September, shortly after his 80th birthday."

    In an e-mail to Rolling Stone, Arjatsalo confirmed the statement and said he received the information "directly from Leonard." When news hit Cohen's fan community, Arjatsalo posted to clarify Cohen's upcoming plans. "There are no tour plans!" he wrote. "We are now looking forward to a great new studio album."

    Cohen publicly thanked Arjatsalo for his tireless work at a 2012 show in the webmaster's hometown of Helsinki. "There was someone from this town that began a website called The Leonard Cohen Files," he said. "Through his efforts, my work was kept alive for all these years. The man's name is Jarkko Arjatsalo. I want to thank him for the spectacular effort he's made on my behalf. I am deeply grateful."

    Cohen's last album was 2012's Old Ideas, though in the year leading up to the album's release, the singer-songwriter unveiled new songs onstage that failed to make the album. "I rehearsed some other songs on the road – new songs that didn't make it onto the record," he told Rolling Stone in 2012. "So I have a new record [after this one], at least two-thirds of it, anyway."

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    Great news !
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    Listen to the new Leonard Cohen song!

    Leonard Cohen - Almost Like the Blues

    Official Lyrics: Almost Like The Blues
    by Leonard Cohen

    I saw some people starving
    There was murder, there was rape
    Their villages were burning
    They were trying to escape
    I couldn’t meet their glances
    I was staring at my shoes
    It was acid, it was tragic
    It was almost like the blues

    I have to die a little
    Between each murderous thought
    And when I’m finished thinking
    I have to die a lot
    There’s torture and there’s killing
    And there’s all my bad reviews
    The war, the children missing
    Lord, it’s almost like the blues

    So I let my heart get frozen
    To keep away the rot
    My father said I’m chosen
    My mother said I’m not
    I listened to their story
    Of the Gypsies and the Jews
    It was good, it wasn’t boring
    It was almost like the blues

    There is no G-d in Heaven
    And there is no Hell below
    So says the great professor
    Of all there is to know
    But I’ve had the invitation
    That a sinner can’t refuse
    And it’s almost like salvation
    It’s almost like the blues

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    NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In Popular Problems, his thrilling new studio album, Leonard Cohen gets down into the avenues of our dreams and sets a new tone and speed of hope and despair, grief and joy. Cohen here is an astonished lover rocking to the human condition as “the soul unfolds in the chambers of its longing.” His legendary basso resonates as never before with a presence and urgency that arises from the very depths of the heart. The clarity and strength of these nine hypnotic songs will have us singing them over and over.

    In collaboration with co-writer Patrick Leonard, Popular Problems is a masterpiece from the ever-fresh imagination of a musical legend whose songs continue to captivate new listeners and devoted fans.

    "Yet again, Leonard Cohen has broken musical boundaries with new creative inspiration,” says Rob Stringer, Chairman/CEO of Columbia Records. “These nine new songs are simply sublime and innovative with a unique spirit. We’re absolutely thrilled and honored to celebrate this milestone with him.”

    Popular Problems is Cohen’s 13th studio album and will be released on September 23rd, two days after his 80th birthday. Popular Problems is available for pre-order everywhere today. Those who pre-order Popular Problems digitally (http://smarturl.it/PopularProblems) will receive an instant download of his new song, “Almost Like The Blues.” Click here to listen.

    To celebrate his milestone 80th birthday (September 21), Cohen’s endless poetic energy and legacy can be revisited with a new artist page on iTunes (www.itunes.com/leonardcohen), which features Popular Problems and includes all 12 prior studio albums Mastered For iTunes.

    Popular Problems was produced by Patrick Leonard, mastered at Marcussen Mastering and was recorded and mixed by Jesse E. String with additional mixing by Bill Bottrell.

    Revisit Leonard Cohen’s Incredible Legacy on www.LeonardCohen.com.

    Popular Problems Tracklisting:

    1. Slow
    2. Almost Like The Blues
    3. Samson In New Orleans
    4. A Street
    5. Did I Ever Love You
    6. My Oh My
    7. Nevermind
    8. Born In Chains
    9. You Got Me Singing

    Leonard Cohen is a master songwriter, musician, poet, novelist and visual artist whose stunning body of original work has touched the lives of millions with a career spanning six decades.

    His explorations of spiritual, interpersonal, romantic and political themes have impacted countless contemporary recording artists and writers. He has sold over 23 million albums, worldwide and published 12 books, the most recent of which was 2006's 'Book of Longing', a collection of poetry, prose and drawings, which reached #1 on the Top 10 Hardcover Fiction Books in Canada.

    Cohen's influence on musical and theatrical artists the world over is inestimable. In fact, when Cohen was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in March 2008, the revered Lou Reed singled out Leonard as one of the "highest and most influential echelon of songwriters." Cohen's songbook has been covered by hundreds of recording artists including Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone,Johnny Cash, Lou Reed, Tori Amos, Nick Cave, Joan Baez, Harry Belafonte, Rufus Wainwright and the Civil Wars. Tribute albums have been released in Cohen's honor in France, Norway, Canada, Spain, Swedish, Czech Republic, South Africa and the United States. In 2008 Cohen's "Hallelujah" became the fastest-selling digital single in European history when three separate versions of the song appeared simultaneously on the UK singles chart - Cohen's own original recording, a version from Jeff Buckley and another from X Factor winner Alexandra Burke. Additionally, Leonard's songs have been frequently selected to illustrate the emotion of motion pictures and television programs and have been heard in Watchmen, The Passion of The Christ, Natural Born Killers, The Wonder Boys, Pump Up The Volume, Secretary, The West Wing, The O.C. and many others.

    Leonard Cohen has been honored as a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient (2010), inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (2008), the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame (2006), the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (2006) and the Songwriters Hall Of Fame (2010). He has received the prestigious Principe de Asturias Prize – the highest literary award in Spain (Spain, 2011) as well as the Glenn Gould Prize, awarded to an individual for a unique lifetime contribution that has enriched the human condition through the arts (Canada, 2011). The Canadian native has earned his country's highest civilian honors - Officer of the Order of Canada (1991), Companion to the Order of Canada (2003), Grand Officer of the National Order of Quebec (2008).

    Cohen's recent return to live performance was met with extraordinary and unanimous accolades as he performed around the world from 2008 through 2013. Cohen's mesmerizing recent performances, deemed "a spiritual experience" by all accounts, totaled 470 shows in 31 countries attended by four million fans.

    Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140818/137144

    SOURCE Columbia Records
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    First Listen: Leonard Cohen, 'Popular Problems'


    NPR's Ann Powers:
    Leonard Cohen is not a man for manifestos. Peripatetic bohemian, Montreal native, Zen meditator, diaspora Jew: Rock's almost-octogenarian philosopher emeritus inhabits identities that are multiple, contested, and resistant to orthodoxy. He is, however, willing to lay some things on the line. "I'm slowing down the tune, I never liked it fast," he intones over a burlesque blues line in the first track on his 13th studio album, Popular Problems. "You want to get there soon; I want to get there last."

    The words to "Slow" are vintage Cohen. They describe the way the tarpit-voiced raconteur's songs unfold like dirty canticles, with room for both jokes and profundities. They're also openly erotic and typically self-deprecating: "Let me catch my breath," Cohen murmurs, "I thought we had all night." But, he insists, they don't reflect his age. Shooing off his distracted lover, Cohen argues for slowness as a lifelong predilection that allows him to sit still in time's slipstream. To get there last is to last — to wrestle with impermanence by holding time's hand and calming it down....

    Cohen's serious subject matter never becomes ponderous — or, heaven forbid, tiresomely topical — because he's always sitting there in the middle of it with his wit, his lusts, and his hard-earned equanimity. Listeners will laugh to hear, in "Almost Like The Blues," that Cohen places "my bad reviews" alongside starvation and torture on his list of earthly burdens. But that's his point: When it comes to living with depth and compassion, we all stumble across this kind of middle way, failing to remain noble but usually trying again. Take it slow, Popular Problems advises. It gives you more of a chance to get things close to right.

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    Now that's an intelligent review, can't wait to sample the rest of the songs.
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    Just listened to the full album, and as I said to @Rena earlier... Its slow, its dark, its simple and bare... Its Cohen !

    I am quite impressed actually, at times it is as cheesy as hell but hey :D
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    Haven't heard "Sampson in New Orleans" but the lyrics blow me away. LC writing a Katrina song... gave me goosebumps
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    I could not have said it any better. Leonard is going to be 80 years old this Sunday and that man is as cool as it gets.

    Love this album.
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    36 minutes of almost total brilliance :)
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    There is this weird track where some old dude is complaining about one of the members of this very board....

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    Happy 80th Birthday Leonard Cohen!
    Still here , and still an inspiration!
    Keep on dancing!

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    "Leonard Cohen has appeared on CBC many times. To mark his 80th birthday, we've pulled some memorable moments from 1966 to 2012."

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    Happy Birthday to this vital man, still inspiring many every day :)

    And I am so glad I went to see him with a few of his best fans.. great !
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    The humility from such an artist is really something to behold. Now that is something I admire, such a contrast from the blog post by Glenn Berger about Dylan we read the other day isn't it?
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