Limited live recordings Dublin Sept 2017 available for pre order

Discussion in 'News about David Gray' started by Rena, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Oakie

    Oakie Member Grayhead

    Mine arrived today! Currently listening to 4th September. Very happy indeed!
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  2. Oakie

    Oakie Member Grayhead

    Listening right now. Great quality recordings. Very happy, wish I'd been there.
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  3. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    I ordered the big bundle but haven't received anything yet. Very much looking forward to these recordings. Great to hear they are of excellent quality.
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  4. Oakie

    Oakie Member Grayhead

    They really are, @Rena. Looking forward to the next installment in December!
  5. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Got mine already @Rena - brilliant qualitea and a lot of favourite songs..
    Hope yours arrives soon! Last Boat, Nemesis, Hello/Goodbye, Lead me upstairs, Gathering Dust, Long Distance Call (love it!!), Nightblindness etc....
    If someone has not ordered it already - please do (at least the digital download) - it's worth every penny!

    Thanks for this @David and Crew :)
  6. Dave

    Dave Member Grayhead

    mine arrived in the US yesterday
  7. Bec1

    Bec1 New Grayhead

    Thanks for update. Hope mine arrives tomorrow then!

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  8. Lou

    Lou Member Grayhead

    Hey, got mine last week in Dublin. Got all three nights.(was at one show) There are some really special versions of Silver Lining and Only The Wine. I'd love to hear what you all think??

    Take care

  9. napinavy

    napinavy New Grayhead

    Hej Rena!
    I've ordered the big bundle too and got nothing until now. :(
    Have you receive your order?

  10. bfeekes

    bfeekes New Grayhead

    I received mine a week or two ago. I must say that the 5th and 6th are my favorites but every night is outstanding! I agree that the sound on the recordings are superb! I actually gave them a first listen to on my birthday so that really helped me celebrate the day! Last Boat, Flesh, Lead Me Upstairs, and Say Hello Wave Goodbye are some of my favorites!
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  11. cdcase

    cdcase Active Grayhead

    I've listened to the 4th and 5th shows so far. I love the inclusion of Purple Rain in Nightblindness and the story of Toby the bus driver!

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  12. David

    David New Grayhead

    Does anyone know the track listing for the best of? Debating if I want the best of or all 3 nights. Probably wouldn't be sorry with all 3 nights however I am sure many of the songs are the same across the 3 nights?

    update - decided to order the best of as the download although i haven't "gotten" it yet but I think in the end I will get all 3 nights. some of my favorites are only on 1 of the 3 nights.
    should I get the download pretty soon? I saw someone say they got it instantly??
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  13. David

    David New Grayhead

    I did the digital download of the "best of" the other day but I haven't gotten anything about downloading it instantly, am I missing something?
  14. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    A little preview of the CDs..

    I L O V E this version! So glad the live cd action came out of nowhere. Thanks Alan Sievewright for recording this video. :)
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  15. David

    David New Grayhead

    does anyone know what lyrics he interjected? When I saw him years ago it was "girlfriend in a coma" by the Smiths!
  16. dtscott

    dtscott New Grayhead

    Received email on 9/15/17 that the CDs were shipped. To date, have not received them but expected due to that I'm in USA.
  17. chris johnson

    chris johnson Active Grayhead

    I got my six CD bundle yesterday. Bonus was that David autographed the cover of one! Will be listening for days, weeks, months and so on
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  18. napinavy

    napinavy New Grayhead

    My CDs arrived on Monday (23.11.). But there was no autograph. But I'm glad they're not lost!
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  19. chris johnson

    chris johnson Active Grayhead

    It's hard to express my feelings about the Dublin solo concerts. David's voice sounds so strong and clear, but also soft and chocolate. I am loving each song and the individual touching phrasing. If you haven't ordered your set yet, you will miss out on this chance to hear David, naked.
  20. cdcase

    cdcase Active Grayhead

    Anyone know the best of track listing?

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