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    Bill Fay, one of English music's best kept secrets and one of the most underrated musician, has a new album out: "Who Is The Sender".
    Not only David Gray, who talked about Bill Fay in a long a radio interview in Germany, also Nick Cave and Jeff Tweety, to name but a few, are fans of this musician and when you listen to his old and new songs, you know that David Gray listed really carefully to Fay's music.

    Bill Fay's early releases were made in 1967. Following the release of his second album in 1971, Fay was dropped by the label.
    More than 40 years later, in 2012 Bill Fay released his 3. album "Life Is People' which was highly acclaimed by the critics who called it "a triumph over the time"!

    Now his 4. album is out and I really like it!
    Please give his wonderful songs a listen!

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    I woke an hour earlier than everyone else this morning and having just found your post then proceeded to spend that time listening to these Bill Fay songs and they made for a wonderful soundtrack as the Sun rose .....
    a very reflective and poignant songwriter with more than a hint to the Natural world , much like David .
    He sounds like a musician who was on the cusp of greatness but lacked that final push and maybe suffered from some unpolished lyrics.
    Possibly with the help of a lyricist/wordsmith at the time he could have gone on to become a well known artist .
    I loved 'The geese are flying westward ' and ' Cosmic Concerto' and will endeavour to pick up a copy of his latest work .....thanks for sharing this Nevermind , much appreciated :)
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