Loiusville Palace Show October 9, 2014

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  1. ScottyB

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    Mr. Gray unassumingly sauntered out to center stage a little past nine o'clock, gave a faint wave, and in Court Composer fashion signaled for ambient lighting and called for those birds of the high arctic. Raspy crooning, resolute melody, and a stage presence completely his own seems to be the underpinnings for the across the pond lyricist to hypnotically, with eerie haunt, seize a time and space, nearly frozen, for his admirers to let their spirits wander...
    The show was great and David Gray reminded us why we're so attached to these undulating melodies, sprinkled with archaic wisdom and poetic depth. What is it like to go from city to city in a foreign country, playing to two thousand plus audiences that truly feel what you do? Amazing!
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    Love your description! Any chance you have a set list or some of the highlights for you? Would love to hear more about it!
  3. ScottyB

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    Yes, sir! Among the highlights of the show was the heart felt, musical impetus easily sliding past David Gray's vocal chords and into the collective atmosphere; David showed an earnest appreciation for his patrons, not with quipping between songs, rather, with cathartic moments emerging through his inflections and posturing; and it was these moments that cemented the evening more than anything-what people were seeing and hearing was something genuine and raw, something promised and delivered, something only the heart could begin to translate to the mind, but of little consequence because transcendence sends where and what it must. Mr. Gray did a stellar job of hitting the popular likes of Sail Away, Please Forgive Me, My, Oh, My, Fugitive, Silver Lining, Babylon, Life in Slow Motion, and finished off with a most triumphant, The One I Love. David Gray's exit amounted to a succinct expression of appreciation for the audience, for his band, and walked off as apparently demure as when he took the stage.

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