March 12, 2010 - New Orleans

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    Set List March 12, 2010 New Orleans – Mahalia Jackson Theater

      • Fugitive
      • Draw the Line
      • World to Me
      • Now & Always
      • Harder
      • Slow Motion
      • Nemesis........extended version
      • Be Mine
      • Freedom
      • This Year’s Love
      • Jackdaw
      • Sail Away
      • Stella the Artist
      • Other Side
      • Aint No Love

      • Falling down the Mountainside
      • Babylon
      • Please Forgive Me
    First time I ever heard DG live, and I came home and joined the old forum that night. Hearing "Falling down the Mountainside" live sealed the deal for me forever. A truly magical night.

    Read everything on the forum that DCA wrote about that concert, and knew someday I would meet him and Maria ... and was lucky enough to have that come true, in addition to meeting a lot of other wonderful people along the way. So glad to have made my way back here - I have missed you all !
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