May 29. 2015 West Coast Blues And Roots Festival - Fremantle Park

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    Today DG's Australian Tour has started!


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    This just emerged :

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    The headline: Fremantle Blues 'n' Roots Festival: Paolo Nutini 'beige' as Paul Kelly, David Gray star
    The story: As the sun began to disappear behind the main stage English crooner David Gray took to the stage. Gray knows how to rock a festival and didn't let fans down with a set that was at times romantic and at others a rocking jump-about fun-filled party. Opening with piano and cello led romance, it wasn't long before My Oh My saw Gray throwing down his guitar to rock out, jumping about the stage in a high-energy performance that rubbed off on the crowd chanting back at him "It takes a lot of love!". As the sun set over the festival crowd Gray smashed out an extended version of Please Forgive Me, jumping about the main stage all fired up. A magic feeling came over the crowd for White Ladder album favourite (and my wedding song) Sail Away, the adoring audience taking part in a massive singalong.
    Gray pumped up fans at the main stage, showing the harmonica who was boss during newer track Mutineers, with one seemingly Freo festival seasoned veteran bursting from the back of the dancing pack declaring "it's a f***ing jungle in there!", some illustration of the energy on show.
    The One I Love got the lovers watching in the mood, while Gray closed with a solo version of massive hit Babylon – with the crowd singing along in a fitting close to a solid performance.

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    Nice review. Veteran artist David Gray knows how to rock an festival.. :punch::singing::jimlad::oldman::hilarious::headphone::happy:
    Written by Brendan Foster and Daile Pepper in "The Sydney Morning Herald" (I think the gray part is her part ^^) (I mean Sail Away was here wedding song.. Thanks for the nice review!)

    Well and @nevermind, could you change the threadname in march? o_O:rolleyes:;) Or is David and wizzard and play future gigs in past today?

    David Gray and a happy (women-) crowd.
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