May 3, 2014 Colonial Theatre, Boston, MA

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  1. wolfie

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    The videos are fantastic! Now you know why I've been raving about birds of the high arctic!! Absolute instant favorite. Reports may be slow in coming. Shout out to dca this morning. Legend. Fabulous show in Boston. Great night.
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  2. iamseanharrison

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    Thanks for the uploads John!

    Band sounding immense, strong collection of songs!

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  3. Ted K

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    Enjoyed last night in Boston, although it did get exhausting listening to new song, after new song. For me, I find that I have to pay such close attention to songs I don't know, where as hearing familiar music is relaxing and comfortable. I wish he broke it up just a bit. I felt bad for the casual fans around me who really didn't perk up until he was finished with the new album. Mutineers, Back in the World and Birds in the High Artic were high spots for me. He killed it again with Nemesis.

    It was a VERY different show than the Irish gigs I saw back in December. This was a full out rock and roll show. Ireland had no drum kit at all and was much more subdued. He only played 4 or 5 new ones and went deeper into older stuff. This felt like an album tour, only the audience wasn't familiar with the music at all. I really did enjoy be honest having seen two the Irish shows and the Lost and Found was fun to see him rock again. Really could have used a few older ones mixed in to give the audience a break.....the Other Side or Please Forgive Me....would have blended in well into the set list.
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  4. pgethea

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    Here a picture of the set list from last night, for what it's worth, this is the one that David was using, the stage crew guy ripped it off the floor and gave it to me:

  5. pgethea

    pgethea New Grayhead

    And here's Sail Away:
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  6. davidcotyalex

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  7. thefox

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    Well, at least I don't have to upload my version of birds of the high arctic!
    Personal feels later - It was lovely to meet you all (again or for the first time for some!)
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  8. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    I am so going into serious rehab :)

    heading to the airport...............another stellar gig

    such a great band..............and so fun

    what a night. what great peeps.

    cheers and safe travels
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  9. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    Boston did not fail to deliver.......once again ;)

    Great night hooking with Wolfie Tina Michelle Fox and friend as well as a whole family that has got into DG since I introduced the old man to him a few years ago. Great hang to kick off the eve.

    We ran a little late as had some biz with Simon to take are of before so slid in a few minutes before.......decent seats row L on the aisle which Maria just said there really wasn't a bad seat in that house. Great venue - the oldest continually operating theatre in boston (circa 1900). Great crowd - as always!

    not sure i agree on the new songs are too much...............i find it intense and an incredibly risky strategy that after seeing two shows now I think is paying off huge dividends.............these are intimate gigs in generally small theatres - the colonial is a capacity of 1700. it is also spring training if you will - this is the first time this group of musicians has ever played together live - and it was calculated because DG knew that it wouldn't matter in the towns he played.........and apart from a boring DC crowd i haven't heard any complaints on the gig itself ;)

    and this band is here to stay - they are contracted thru 2015 yessssssssss!!! including simon - the greatest tm I have ever come across.............right up there with thath's dave burton - it has been a real pleasure working with you are indeed in class by yourself!!

    Summer tour is confirmed to be huge...............starts in july and throughout august - I didn't press for any more info


    Gulls.............just beautiful and such a perfect opener yet also a great intro to the new album!! The lighting and background with the gulls flying just so so perfect - and it really demonstrates the strength of what this band has - which are the harmonies - in all my DG gigs I have never heard such beautiful sounds coming from so many talented artists...........maria loved it!!! :)

    Dun Laoghaire...............didn't get this in NYC so was very happy to get it last night - will agree that this one caught most off guard because they didn't appear to know it ............ so love the way this song ends with David sounding so confident and then again the harmonies from the band................sense of pride baaaby!!

    Incredible..................same as nyc - just mind blowing good - a great fun song but also a total keeper - not a fly by imho

    Back in the World.............this one is growing on me a lot - I also think it is very wisely placed so if some are getting a little overwhelmed by the new material - and even this too is new of course - but it is clearly a crowd pleaser so it serves its purpose hugely as it gets the feet tapping early into the new songs

    As the Crow Flies...............same as Incredible - totally great and still so inspiring the second time around

    Mutineers............very well could be my favorite song from the new album - again just love the way this song builds into a glorious andy barlow induced wall of sound - just graytness!!!

    Last Summer - still getting my arms around this one but it too is starting to kick in - maria did go to the rest room on this one ;)

    Cake................still kitchy but another fun crowd pleaser - have no issues with it ............ plus marcel loves it so that is good enough for me!!! tried to get the crowd going but I guess the unfamiliarity kept the dancing in check :cool:

    Snow in Vegas - Maria loved hearing it.................we had a lot of fun on this one and looking into our eyes remembering the graytness that was Vegas!! felt like I was dating again lol with some serious smoochin going on during this one lol

    Girl Like You - similar to summer still trying to get my arms around - while i don't agree again it is too much it is a lot of songs so I need more time to fully get them most know I am not the sharpest tack :p

    Beautiful Agony..................really loving this song - beautiful indeed

    Birds of the High Artic - what more can be said??!!! definitely one of the top songs of the album

    Shine - a perfect transition song especially given Boston - the crowd went totally nuts

    FHYCASTS.....what the ****????!!!!!! mind blowing awesomeness - did not expect it at all...........i think I was shedding some tears along with kari on this one o_O:eek:

    Fugitive - so fantastic - really got the crowd going and the dancing did occur - we had a great section where our group was like the only ones really dancing through the gig - was just great!! long as i am with maria he can play this song every single gig - we have so much fun with it!! dancing more smooching the gal behind us just going nuts - probably the greatest point in the eve

    Kathleen..........with all due respect AK I don't think you can really comment on it in the set list unless you are there live.............because this song still resonates - hugely - and now Niamh taking Lisa's role - and seeing her brilliant smile and face light up when DG introduces her...............another absolute top moment of the night..............I am soooooo in love!!! :D always huge with the crowd with a great sing along - talk about Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Babylon - no bathroom break this time - and really had fun carrying on like nuts again with the crowd tons of singing dancing - these two songs really demonstrated the graytness again of a boston crowd!!! :)

    TYL - after all that and all the exhaustion this was prolly the only down moment for me of the night - and at a dg gig that isn't a very big deal ;)

    Nemesis.............what they said. Brilliant.

    So the gig ends we re-grouped with some grabbed wolfie and we were directed to some door where there were like ten people standing and waiting to get back - i was totally like fook this went up to the stage and one of the guys gave us a chair to climb up and just head back lmfao.........DCA don't wait on no feckin door !!!:D

    great hang backstage joking with david i was actually drinking diet coke during the gig....he took one look at me and said it obviously didn't dismay me lmao!! nice times with caroline got in some nice barbs with robbie (who had friends there so was leaving him alone.........kinda lol). Lots of fun with David K and John and then of course my new girlfriend. maria isn't terribly fond of the after gig hang (even with thath we have left after a bit) so we decided to move on out.

    what was absolutely delightful was pouring out the back door to those waiting on the band only to see this idiot lol..............I don't think I signed anything?!

    so back to the hotel...............the taj??!! lmfao

    went to the bar got ourselves organized and 30 minutes later they all started strolling in .................. including david!! was probably one of the greatest moments of the last ten days to just sit on a banquette next to david drinking beers and talking sheite...........dca-palooza (he knew all about it haha!!!!), the new ray album, the tour the summer tour hotels life liberty etc etc awesome!!!!!!!

    after a good 45 minutes or so they had to shut the bar down - we had an indian wedding in the house and at the same time the band arrived they were arriving as well............and completely hammered!!! so our manager was like sorry dude but we really need to get them out of holden and i sitting there are like ok six beers and six shots of patron anejo......then we are like no eight and then we are like no better do ten lmfao!!!!

    so after the bar was totally shut I did what any polite dood would do and invited all up to the suite..............if i recall it was the girls simon john keith and rob..after spending 30 minutes talking to me I am sure david had had enough lol!!

    so just more absolute stupidity but an amazing end to an amazing night

    haven't disclosed all details and nor will mantra

    "what happens in boston stays in boston"


    #onelove peeps!
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  10. Sarah.j

    Sarah.j New Grayhead

    I woke up this morning not really sure if what I saw last night was a dream or real. My first David Gray show and definitely won't be my last. I know now what all the hype is about over this man and his band live. He is absolute perfection. I have never seen a band so incredible live. His albums are great but him live is in another dimension . How is that possible!?. John Smith the opener I really enjoyed a lot. Nice sense of humor as well. The stage seemed pretty tight fitting the whole band in. David had a few problems moving his microphone around and guitar. But in good spirits he laughed it off and kept going. The lighting and sound was very nice but didn't overshadow the singing like in a lot of shows I've seen in past from other artist, which was nice. There is a lot of people on stage which at times I felt they all didn't need to be there... A bit cramped by to many musicians that I'm not really sure what their part was. But David was on fire! He sounded sensational , I mean WOW.o_O.. My head was spinning all night. Have to say the drummer was loud and incredible last night. He really pushed himself and it paid off. His last few albums there was a lot of guitar work as this one David was at the piano most the night. I did miss the sound of David and Neill together but the piano was stellar. This album is one to not pass over.
    I wish I didn't wait so long for my first David concert, guess it have a lot of catching up to do. Most amazing night ever. Still in awe at how incredible his voice is live. So here I wait until summer tour.
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  11. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Sarah J., welcome to our world!! I always enjoyed David Gray along with a lot of other musicians, but once I saw him live, it's like everyone else dimmed a bit. So glad you had such a wonderful experience.

    And DCA, I love each and every single word you just wrote. I've kidded you before that you are living my dream, but yeah, you really are. :cool:
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  12. Tinab

    Tinab Member Grayhead

    What DCA said! Most of it anyway.

    From what I heard last night this will be the best CD yet. Can't wait for summer.

    Wolfie, what can I say. Loved dancing with ya and teaching you a thing or two...;)

    And DCA...words cannot express my thanks to you and Maria. She is a delight.
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  13. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    pleasure...............once you're on the team its a lifer ;)
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  14. Connecticut USA Fan

    Connecticut USA Fan New Grayhead

    Third DG show in four years. Last night was very different than the other two for sure. Looking forward to the new collection of music in June.

    As I saw the box accordion (or whatever it is really called) come out, I knew we were in for "You Can Almost See The Sea" which is a fav of mine. I can't listen Nemesis on the studio CD but absolutely love the song live and thought it was a good closer but I'll admit that "I missed Please Forgive Me".

    This tour's band is an awesome line up. They sounded incredible! Hopefully he will come back around again soon!

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  15. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead

    Okay here's the official review from 'thefox'

    My friend and I met up with the grayhead crew, and it was lovely meeting you all. Tina/Wolfie/The family and friends...DCA, always a pleasure, and it was lovely talking to your wife and being music nerds together!

    The theater was bangin - we sat right in the dead center of the auditorium, and took it all in. We found later on in the gig that our seats, being Row L (seats 106/107), were prime real estate for locking eyes with Mr. Gray and grooving with him whenever he looked out. Grooving with the artist is always such a fantastic and rare boost. John Smith was fantastic - he packs a lot of punch and passion into a solo act! So much punch, I had to pull the fanboy exit maneuver. Such a nice guy!! Even when the "OOOOWWWW" button was pushed. (Gig folks, you know what I mean). Let's not give notable mention to the horrendously rude concert-goer in row K throughout the entirety of the DG show. There's always one....and it pisses me off more and more...

    Meanwhile! Lights up, and the strangest soundart/ambient music started playing. Wtf was that? I'm sure David Gray chose it because it sounded like birds. SO many birds in this Mutineers album, haha. Lights down!

    • Gulls - Awwww yeah. What an interesting opening choice - especially for the concert-goers who had no idea that this was a pre-album promo tour... (though a solid, solid song and performance)
    • DL - Well, might as well shock the Grayheads by the 2nd song!!! I was highly surprised here! I wasn't really sold on it before, but with this band? Nice choice Sir Gray!
    • Incredible - INCREDIBLE!!! From the 30 second clip from Sounding Out, I knew this was a gem.
    • BITW - The atmosphere changed - everyone around me was into it.
    • Crow - I gotta tell you, I dug the s*** out of this one. The lyrics are such an artful progression!
    • Mutineers - THAT HARMONICA SOLO (could have been mixed better) BUT WOOOOW!!!!!! *aaahooo, aaahooo.."
    • Last Summer - It's got DG writen all over it - but not quite for me at the first listen. Bring on the album version for a closer look!
    • Cake - Whatever man. It passes for me. Moving on. (YEEEAAAH)
    • Snow in Vegas - I love both versions of this song. The early version was very cohesive, and the current version has a very old-school folk feeling. This will be a crowd pleaser come August.
    • Girl Like You - DCA, I think this song is amazing. I got the impression it was all about chasing the girl (or guy) that has stolen your heart, but you don't know why. In all of the allure, there's something that's off, and it can't be figured out.
    • Beautify Agony - Not quite to my personal taste at first listen, though it does have DG's style all over it.
    • BIRDS OF THE HIGH ARCTIC - YES!!!!!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cello/bird calls amidst the harmonies were impeccable. amazing. I'm happy to call it the older brother of Alibi. There's so much fire in this song, and you never see it coming. Just like how, for the second time in Boston, he and his piano mic had a little problem! (Look into wireless mic's, dave!!) ... But I can't get this one out of my head, and the massive fire in my head from listening to it.
    • And then all the rest of the songs were lovely. The new band is a masterful sonic experience. New energy all around! GAH! YES!
    • ...however I forgot to note, that I started the clap for Babylon in Boston (this is the 4th time I started a rousing successful clap with DG :D .. Just sayin'!)

    So all in all, I left with my jaw dropped. I'm so excited for the new album. I hope it brings him all of the success. And, naturally, I had to congratulate him on an incredible, incredible show. We met some nice people outside - ran into DCA yet once again, and we may have some new Grayheads on the forum soon! It'll be a good time. Thanks so much for the night!

    Here's to show #9.
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  16. Eileen

    Eileen Member Grayhead

    I'm so happy you had a wonderful experience. Welcome to the Grayheads girl ;)
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  17. Eileen

    Eileen Member Grayhead

    Kari and I were really hoping to get to this show~ Boston! Damn, timing.
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  18. Eileen

    Eileen Member Grayhead

    PS Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  19. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Here are more good audio clips from Boston:





    Sail Away:

    Thanks to bush242!

    I just can't get enough..

    Enjoy :)
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  20. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    @Ted K @Sarah.j @Connectict USA Fan @pgethea -> Thank you all for the reviews and welcome (and welcome back) here! Great to have you here :)

    @davidcotyalex and @thefox -> Wow! Thank you both !! Strong and nice reviews!

    To all: I love to hear the different views and the commonalities from you guys to David and his work!! I'm getting more and more excited for London!!! ;)
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