May 3, 2014 Colonial Theatre, Boston, MA

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    That pretty much sums up the whole tour for me but especially so for Boston. Going to double back to this gig because I didn't get a chance to really express the greatness of the night. First off, the show was incredible. Great reception for the new stuff. Super high energy performance from David and the band and lots of dancing from the audience. Saw my first DG show in Boston in 2005 and have tried to see every show there since. Thank you, Boston, for being a cool place to see a DG show. He seems to love playing there and you all seem to love him. Second, so nice to meet Fox and friend Alex, see Tina and Michelle again, and hang with the super hosts - D and C of DCA fame. Tina, you were a bad influence (lol) but had a blast dancing with you. Michelle, so nice to spend time with you. DCA, you and Maria were so awesome to us in Boston. First the bar and then the suite... way above and beyond what any of us could have ever expected. Thank you so much to you two!! Even with the tequila, the lack of sleep and the last minute detour to Toronto I will never, ever forget that night in Boston!!
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    haha... great report, thank you!

    edit: i'd probably wet and s**t myself at the same time meeting the man.
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    After hearing so many good things about Boston, I really want to visit.

    Oh oh , tequila........!!!!! I can only fill in the blanks.:D:D
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    dca, did you really talk about the ray album?
    and if he liked it, did you give him the finger, too?
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    we absolutely talked about the ray album - he was very interested - don't think he has heard it yet tho

    i gave Ray the finger.................I am not that much of a jerk to judge anyone on their individual musical taste ;)
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    what a relief!!! I'm so glad you don't judge me for not understanding Future Islands:confused:;)
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    Has it really been 2 weeks? I've only just unpacked a few days ago. Pretty sure that's called denial. I've been in such a fog since returning to NC from Boston. Or maybe that was just the PatrĂ³n. I told Tina I'd never touch the stuff again. Ouch! Tina, oh the laughs and memories. Love you, chica! It was good to meet you Fox. DCA, I felt like I already knew you and Maria but it was great to finally meet you both in person. Words can not express my gratitude for the best birthday weekend ever! Don't think it can be topped. Wolfie, I'm so happy I got to see you again and witness one of the most epic moments in history. If only I had a video of your reaction. SO wish I could have changed my travel plans and gone with you to Toronto, lucky girl. I know now never to travel without my passport. Rookie mistake! As for the show, the new music is nothing short of spectacular. I purposely avoided videos of the shows that came just before Boston. I wanted to hear as much of it as I could for the first time that night. Each one was like unwrapping a present. DG and the band never fail to disappoint and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves. DCA, that's really good news about July/Aug. I'll definitely be going to more than one show the next time they are in the States. Fingers crossed for North Carolina but I'm also looking forward to traveling outside of NC this time. I hope to see you all again! And one last thought on the show... where has John Smith been all my life? The last time I was so moved by an artist was when I heard DG for the 1st time in 1999. I was mesmerized and didn't want John to stop singing. I promptly went out to the lobby and purchased his cd Great Lakes. I highly recommend it. I haven't stopped listening to it since Boston and I've since ordered his other 3 cds. I can't wait until they arrive! I hope he is with DG a long time and I'll be wishing on every shooting star that he comes back to the States VERY soon! xx :)
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    Everybody keeps talking like I am a horrible influence! That's ok. At least I am fun. Yes. I've been listening to the songs non stop. Other than cake I honestly say I love then all. Once again he has spoken to my heart and I don't know if I want to dance or laugh or cry at the beauty of it. Seeing Robbie on the piano blew my mind. John Smith was the best opener. I was right in front of michelle to get the cd. A big thanks to my travel companion and yes I LOVE flying. I told dave i thought this would be the best yet and so far I feel a different emotion each time.

    Until next time folks. My brightest blessings. (With or without tequila :D)
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