May 4, 2014 Danforth Music hall, Toronto, ON

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  1. davidcotyalex

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    simon you are a good man for checking...............thanks for that dood

    but we all thank you for the recording!!!!!
  2. carmel59

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    I don't know how I could possibly get through this song in person without weeping outwardly. very overwhelming

    been playing this over and over, desensitizing.........the bass sounds fantastic, do I hear a mandolin? I'll listen later on the big guns tonight............

    I'm astounded how good this sounds on our system, excellent work simon151!!!
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  3. davidcotyalex

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    i did................. ;)
  4. carmel59

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    maybe some tequila would help
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  5. davidcotyalex

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    indeed :)

    great lines from David..................."project sexed up!"


    but bingo..........."you pretty much brought a choir with you?"

    "yes the vocal textures are so integral to the thing"

    obviously someone in boston who commented on too many people on stage just missed this entirely...............??!!

    love it on the new some sense we are doing the same thing - shaking this middle age "old man" bull sheite!!!
  6. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    love it that andy barlow was rob's idea!!!! did not know that!!!!!
  7. Saintsfan

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    Thanks to all of you who filled in the details of this part of the tour so well - those of us not able to make it are forever in your debt (and very, very jealous!).
    Hopefully word of the late summer portion will be posted/leaked soon. Can't wait !!!
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  8. Marcel

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    Actually it was my idea, but I will happily give the credits to Rob :D

    And I can totally see why it was Rob's idea, I might try and explain that later but kudos to Rob for getting this done :cigar:
  9. jan

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    So awesome someone got a whole show!!!!! Lots of people mentioned they had problems with tight security at the shows..
    THANK YOU so much for sharing Simon!!
  10. nevermind

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    Here a nice review from Greg Kieszkowski:

    TORONTO - May 4, 2014

    "...Strangely, the audience remained seated through the whole performance. A true rarity today. They listened. They bobbed their heads up and down. They held hands. They exchanged glances. Some tapped their feet.
    They were all listening!
    They were actually listening!
    Neil Young would be proud, even though the night still brought out some catalog hecklers, who shouted out song titles, like they were at a drive through window. Their quips were met with a smile and a bit of healthy sarcasm. "Shhhh... we are trying to talk. We are working here..."
    The evening ended with a standing ovation for David Gray. No one wanted to see him stop. At one point, a few brave or perhaps intoxicated women ran to the front of the stage to exercise their freedom to dance, like the days of Babylon, but that was not to be. They were quickly ushered out, and no one else dared to try again.
    This two and a half hour performance was perhaps meant as a warm up for David Gray, getting ready for the official tour in support of Mutineers. If it was, it certainly didn't seem like it. David Gray and his band of musicians delivered a unforgettable performance that needs desperately to return, hopefully sooner than later."
    more here:
  11. tony

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    simon says: upload the whole gig. we are waaaaaitiiing.... :arghh:
    btw, such a good recording, love how you hear the cello and all!
  12. simon151

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    Sorry should of had it up sooner but using a different audio program and couldn't figure out for the life of me
    how to actually split the tracks, anyway all is done now and uploading to archive as we speak.

    It's kinda funny but you almost seem to miss some parts of the audio when seeing a live show, with all the visual distractions, I definitely am picking up more listening to it again and again.

    So anyway keep your pants on, we are at 14 of 24 uploaded. lol
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  13. carmel59

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    That is my experience, visual cues distract me, listening to concerts on archive with our stereo equipment is amazing because of what I hear, as I listen with my eyes closed. Thank you again for taking the time to do that......
  14. wolfie

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    Simon, thank you in advance for taping and sharing the Toronto show with all of us. I really appreciate it and can't wait to hear the show again. Big thank you for your time and effort!!

    Coming back after you posted it and I started listening to it to say thank you, again. Sound was really good in that venue and you captured it beautifully. Really enjoying every minute....
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  15. davidcotyalex

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    yes less tequila = better audio experience ;)

    thanks simon!
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  16. simon151

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  17. jan

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  18. RosalieEP

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    Wow! Can't wait to listen to this when I get the chance! Thank you so much for capturing it!
  19. thefox

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  20. s06

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    :eek: Oh, my God! I didn't expect this-an entire concert! Thank you, Simon! It's been a while since one was added to the music archive site.

    :) I now hear the lyrics to "As The Crow Flies" better; the beginning of the song is beautiful! The Youtube video wasn't clear, and I thought that was either David's fault, mumbling the words, or a sound system error, where the band's instrument microphones were accidently increased over David's; I now understand that it was the camera's fault.
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