May 4, 2014 Danforth Music hall, Toronto, ON

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    The only time I've taken video at a show was when I knew I could get in my good camera. Aside from having DG's face blocked during Where the Love Is, it was a decent capture, though I did make a point to mention in the description that there were sounds that the recording failed to get. No way to get those bone-shaking rumbles! Anyway, DCA, while I agree with you in theory, but...but...ah but I'm like a junkie and need to hear this stuff!! It would be killing me to hear all this about BOTHA and not being able to hear it. Kari's vids have hit the spot for me, though I did mention in the album thread that I know I'm missing the full range of sound. In this way, I agree with Tony that it is usually hardcores who look for these new tracks, or perhaps someone who was at the show and wanted to relive it. I know Tina and I must make up half of the hits on my vid! ;)
    BUT a huge thank you to Simon for getting this high quality capture!!! I plan on sitting down with it tonight.
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    don't worry they don't listen to me anyway ;)

    I'm more talking to the future biz model
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    Listening to this now. Loving it! I think Girl Like You might be gaining on BOTHA in my mind!
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    I just checked my original files and it appears that glitch came from splicing the audio files together,( my recorder splits files at 2hrs)
    usually you just get a minor crackle but for some reason it did something differently, in any case I have retransferred it again and uploaded an fixed version to archive.
    sorry about your ears lol
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    I realise I won't be speaking to everyone involved in this thread.. But I hope everyone that contributed towards writing reports, experiences, posting links to songs/vids for this leg of tour knows that I am truly thankful of your efforts.
    I've enjoyed reading through everything as if I was sitting right at these gigs,thank you all so much for taking the time to contribute.

    The music looks awesome and to support what others have said: this album could be big.

    Edit: would have said this sooner but i've been a bit busy with uni exams.
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    @simon151 Mhmm, I can't download it.. It sais: "The item is not available due to issues with the item's content." :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( But thank you for your effort for us here!!
    Not nice.. Who could send me this via Dropbox?? Would be really really really kind! :)
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    Hi does anyone else have trouble with the new Nemesis, I cant seem to get a download thanks
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    When I go to the concert link, there are no sound files at all. Everything is OK for simon's other concerts.
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    Yes, as I wrote (#66) I'm not able to download the links too.. But I wrote with @simon151 and he looks to fix the issues for us :)
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    Thanks Simon, greatly appreciated.
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    Many thanks
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    Hey Folks,

    Been away from the front end of the forum for a few days, so I know I am late but I really enjoy this recording from @simon151 , very well done job and thanks a lot for sharing it here with us.. :D

    I do sometimes record at gigs too, and although some of the results are worth sharing I never have published a full gig. But if I made a recording like Simon did, I would surely publish and shout it out pretty loud ;)
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    So this recording has become my weekend music. I think the hubs is ready to break another stereo. I'm loving it though. Thank you!

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