Me and Mr David Gray

Discussion in 'David Gray Pics' started by John, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    London 24.6.2014 behind the Royal Albert Hall.

    I dressed me up specially for him (Joke! That's my normal dress :D - but it's indeed a bit David Gray inspired) :D As @Rena wished I awake this sleeping thread ;)

    HERE (LINK) is the full story of meeting David Gray before his gig.
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  2. Birdie

    Birdie Member Grayhead

    Hey John, as I promised you, here's the photo of me and Mr. Gray............. 017.JPG
    The guy standing on the right side behind me said that stupid funny thing (which I unfortunately don't remember) that made us laugh that nice.....

    Love, Birdie
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  3. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Changed Threadname. Please post your photographs of you and David Gray here ;) Would be great to see them all!! <3

    @Birdie, that's the nice, warm and charming David Gray smile we know ;) Great that someone did that joke!! :)
  4. JustNat

    JustNat Member Grayhead

    Guess I should post it in here as well... ;-) [​IMG]

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  5. James Moon

    James Moon Member Grayhead

    Nice one

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  6. JustNat

    JustNat Member Grayhead

    You know, I keep looking at that picture and it somehow doesn't seem real. Those 2 people shouldn't be in the same frame, they belong in different worlds. I guess that probably doesn't make any sense. The whole experience just feels distinctly surreal (in a good way!).

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  7. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    @JustNat I still look at my avatar picture all the time that was taken nearly five years ago!
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