Minneapolis, MN 2017-05-15

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    Cheers all! I haven't seen anyone post on this show, so thought I would offer my two cents worth!

    Thanks to the pre-sale on David's website we were in the front row, on the end, and it was an incredible evening. The crowd was really great, compared to those I've witnessed in the past, pretty respectful and willing participants when needed.

    The majority of the show is still a blur to me, the solo acoustic aspect of it was just something that triggered all the good emotions and left me in awe for the night. David's voice was spot on, he was in a great mood, cracked a couple jokes - but not overly talkative.

    The setlist was pretty much what I thought it would be after following the previous solo gigs. No real surprises to me, but, a lot of nice additions I never thought I'd get to hear live - like Dun Laoghaoire and others I never imagined I'd hear solo/acoustic - like my favorite DG song Lately. Which, I'm pretty sure was ugly to look at as the moment hit me and had tears streaming down my face!

    Great show, excellent start to the tour. Have to head home now, so had to make this quick! My only minor complaint - only 1 shirt option for purchase, and it only went up to XL. It was the blue 'mountain' one from the website. There was a nice cap I managed to get, first time I had seen one of those, as well as autographed copies of the Best Of LP.

    Enjoy the shows to everyone else still going!! Here's the setlist from the piano - he did not play Sea, Smoke, Harder, or Night-blindness.

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