Minneapolis, MN 2019-06-15

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    If this works, it is the whole show from Minneapolis, MN on 15 June.

    This is my first time using Google Drive, if it doesn't work can try something else if you're interested!

    A few notes -
    • It is far from perfect or excellent. It was recorded from an iPhone, a last minute decision to attempt.
    • It is in the Apple 'lossless' format of m4a, but not sure that helps it at all. It's how it was recorded, and has been untouched.
    • It is one large file, not broken down into 'tracks' or anything like that.
    • If anyone has the skill/tools (and I guess desire and time) to attempt a clean up of the thing you are absolutely welcome to. Not sure what can be done, if anything, to make it better.
    • Very little (other than clips on YouTube) has come out from these amazing shows, so to me this is more of a snapshot in time for the tour. I have listened to it, and find it manageable if using a bass reducer setting on my phone. The recording still doesn't do justice to how amazing the new stuff sounds, but at least it is there for memories.
    • The one thing I haven't seen anywhere (ever) is a solo cover of Bob Dylan's "Jokerman" - it can be found at 1hr:28min into the show.
    Enjoy! (really, at least get to the "Jokerman" cover if anything - it's great!)
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    Thank you so much for this! I was really sad to not hear Hall of Mirrors or Watching The Waves live in DC, so this is fantastic :)

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