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  1. Birdie

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    I am looking for some words which are not to be found in the Mutineers - Booklet. At the end of Mutineers Dave shouts: >move / kick off your shoes / and move / ............ and the rest of it? Can anybody make it out?

    Love, Birdie
  2. ak11

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    i thought he was just mooing

  3. Birdie

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    Yeah, at the first listenings I had that on my mind too.:D
    But if you turn up the speakers a bit more, it becomes clear that there are words.........

    Love, Birdie
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  4. carmel59

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  5. JackieJo

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    If I had to guess, it would be, "see the meteor showers".
  6. Birdie

    Birdie Member Grayhead

    Seems to be not so bad, but I don't think that's really it. Tried and tried again but can't find out-
    Already tried a live version but it is as worse..........

    Love, Birdie
  7. Illuminate

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    I hear it as, "I'm seeing meteor showers"

    One of my favourite lines and songs off the album!
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  8. Birdie

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    After having several listenings I would say it might be right. But while thinking about it I started wondering, concerning the subject the song is about, what is happening there that makes him see meteor showers....... oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!:wideyed::woot:

    But by the way: it's one of my favourites, too. Really love it.

    Love, Birdie
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  9. Julian

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    In the 5th of the RAK sessions,a fantastic insight into the way the song was created;de-constructed and then recreated.All the elements he spoke about seem to come to life in the song.It's a great track.I'd like to hear him play more Harmonica on his records.The kick off your shoes line is his JK(Jamiroquai)moment!!:headphone:

    Have to say at the moment I'm into Beautiful Agony.Great lyric.I like the last line."Read somewhere in Neptune's methane skies,it might be raining diamonds".Great imagery.
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  10. I am asking him this question next month...I meant to ask him last month after his show. I have been wondering the exact same thing. Regardless of the line, the "kick off your shoes, babe" makes me insanely love the song. I told DG that his best song, (IMO) "Destroyer" has been bested by "Mutineers"; and this is a from a very loyal 15 year fan. This new album and its title track is, by far, the most incredible album he's produced to date.
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  11. Cheryl

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  12. chris johnson

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    I always thought Babylon made me pull the car over. Then the wonderful 'last boat to america' now , Mutineers is doing it to me. Not just the words but the tempo and how it builds and builds to 'kick off tour shoes babe'. I go barefoot a lot....
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  13. chris johnson

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    If you're interested, buy a copy of the mutineers tour book. David has a fascinating comment about the song.
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  14. Birdie

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    I have a copy of the mutineers tour book and I found David telling a lot about several songs, but nothing about the song Mutineers...:bored:

    Love, Birdie

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