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  1. Julian

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    Personally,i don't think it took long for Nemesis to become a classic.It would be very near the top of my favourites.The lyrics and music fit together so well.It is one of those songs where the lyrics,although not obscure,give a sense of the ethereal.

    Ok,so over the years it has been performed in styles on different tours but i think it is a DG favourite.It does seem to get longer on tour.I think the longest is 14mins during last years iTunes festival.

    A couple of very good ones are on Cascade and a version from Zermatt Unplugged.:headphone:

    An interesting little bit of background on this video:
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  2. Birdie

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    Nemesis sure is one of my favoutites, too. It took me some time to get into it in the beginning, at the first two or so listenings, but meanwhile I really love the flow of the music and the play on words David is using in this song. And yes, it's been changing in almost every live played version, but there is none of those I don't like. I have got one version on my pc, which I think is most adorable. It is about 11 minutes long and when I remember it right, it was filmed by our unforgotten DJK.
    David, don't stop playing this song. Please!

    Love, Birdie
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  3. Rena

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    Nemesis. To me this is the most beautiful song in the world. The lyrics, the music, the aforementioned journey into the ethereal.

    And I do not think my love for this song will ever come to an end.
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    I first heard it in Durham on the DTL tour, and I think it was just about 15 minutes. Love the song. It blows me away every single time.
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