Nenagh, Co. Tipperary - Nenagh Arts Centre - Dec 8, 2013

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    All conversation about the December 8, 2013 show at Nenagh Arts Centre - Nenagh, Co. Tipperary can go into this thread. This includes all the excitement, pre-concert meet ups and post concert conversations, reports, setlists...
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    On the train now to Dublin... to catch my bus to Nenagh. No rental car so what are you gonna do?!? :) Venue tonight is supposed to be really small (200-ish people.. can that be right?!?). Looking forward to it, of course. Now if only I could find a way to slow time down for the next few days... :)
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    Setlist for Nenagh:



    Dun Laoghaire

    I Want All My Cake and Eat It


    Ain't No Love


    Gathering Dust

    Shine (solo)

    Debauchery (solo)

    Coming Down (solo)

    Everytime (solo)



    My Oh My


    Dancing With Both Feet Off the Ground

    Laughing Gas

    "(Gulls -reprise)"... it was something totally new and different - featured something like "say what you want to I'll walk through fire for you" as well as stuff from Gulls - amazing!!




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    I am tired and on cloud nine so feeling kind of giddy (and trying to keep quiet about it in my little b&b - it's tough!!) so if I write up a report it will have to be tomorrow. Totally different venue and feel from last night. Venue was like a grade school auditorium or something - so small and with a stage about 5 feet tall. I met one of the nicest DG fans ever before the show and I loved sitting next to her and sharing her excitement as she had so many dreams come true tonight. That to me is one of the coolest things about going to gigs. The sound of David and the band tonight almost felt too big for the room - like they were going to blow the roof off or the walls out. Getting to hear Debauchery tonight was unbelievable. Deep in my heart I had hoped but didn't really have a sense he'd play it this tour. Sending a million thank yous out to the universe for that. For all of this, really. My Oh My was a new one tonight. Sounded really good. The "(Gulls-reprise") as it's listed in the setlist was .... I can't even begin to describe it....Nemesis is evolving again. A unique night for sure from start to finish. I'm absolutely kicking myself for not buying for Wexford and Galway now.... if I could find a way to do either one, I would. lol
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    My oh my debauchery?!!! Guess he couldn't have played it last night lol! How was the venue? As described? Looking forward to your review!
  9. Seneca

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    Yeah, awesome that he pulled Debauchery out. The setlists throughout this tour have all been fantastic!
  10. wolfie

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    Last night found me at the Nenagh Arts Centre. A bit unfair for the Arts Centre to have to follow up a venue such as St. Canice's Cathedral in Kilkenny, but it was a nice little venue. And I do mean little! I believe the venue only seats around 210 people or so but it actually seemed like less. It really felt more like a lecture hall or school auditorium or something like that but the sound in there was good and you can't beat it if an intimate gig is what you're after. It was a little soulless and I could have done without them letting people filter in and out the side door right by the stage, but otherwise it worked. The stage was set very high so anyone in the front risked a very sore neck but I can say that those with whom I spoke said it was a risk they were glad they took. While waiting on line to get into the show I met a very sweet fan of David's who had her tickets to David's concert stolen 12 years ago and was now finally getting another chance at hearing him live. It was such fun for me to watch her experience so many things for the first time and she was such a nice person. My joy last night came from her joy - thank you, Sarah, and I hope it was everything you dreamed it would be and more!

    So the show started out similarly to the previous nights. All of the new songs got a lot of applause. Cake is just a fun song and it’s kind of a mood-lifter after Skellig and Dun Laoghaire. David and the band got smiles on their faces performing it which I love to see. Kathleen I haven’t really talked about but it’s so well loved here and sounds so good with Lisa singing with David, and it got a big reception last night. David’s solo section was mesmerizing with the highlight for me being, of course, Debauchery. It’s a song that I’ve always loved and whenever he plays it I feel so thankful. It wasn’t printed on the set list so I felt especially thankful last night that he felt the urge to play it and went with it. A thousand thank yous, David.

    The crowd was clearly very happy to hear TOIL and TYL but sandwiched in between them were a few highlights of the evening for me. Before the show, Sarah had spoken of her love for Falling Down the Mountainside and so I couldn’t have been happier for her when it was played and so beautifully, too. And then there was My Oh My which made its tour debut. I love that David and the band are getting more comfortable together and trying new things. They must be getting so tired by now but here they are still working on getting new songs ready to perform. Laughing Gas was gorgeous last night and worked especially well in such a small place – its delicacy fit the room just right, if that makes any sense.

    What was titled on the setlist as “(Gulls-reprise)” was incredible and I have my fingers crossed I get to hear it again. I was almost hypnotized by it. The phrase “Say what you want to I’ll walk through fire for you” (and please let at least have come close to being accurate on that from memory!) and some pieces of Gulls were intertwined and it was just so unique and cool. I’m sorry that’s so vague but it really was almost hypnotic! Nemesis is evolving again – the end now (or at least in Kilkenny and Nenagh) has lots of loud “gates of heaven” and “ugh”s and is a bit… edgier? I don’t know, whatever is going on there works because just when I think that song can’t get its claws into me any deeper it does. Fun ending again of Babylon and Sail – what can I say about them except that the audience loved them last night and had great fun clapping and singing along and that’s a good way to end a night.
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    These reviews keep being amazing. Wow!! If I couldn't be there myself, I'm so glad you are sharing it. I feel the joy just reading along!
  12. s06

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    I second this.

    "Falling Down the Mountainside"; "Laughing Gas"; "Debauchery"; "Gathering Dust"; "Coming Down"- I'm envious.
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    Great reviews up above.
    hey all, I recognise a couple of names from the old, old forums ;-)
    I was at Nenagh last night with the camera, photo's here.
    Have to say had taken a break from live DG for about 6 years so it was great to see him back to himself again and enjoying doing what he does best. Personal highlight was shooting during debauchery, coming down & everytime...that was special for me.
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    Another fantastic review Wolfie, we can really feel from your words just how good these gigs are.
    Fantastic setlist, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Keep an eye on Davids facebook page for tickets, just noticed that someone posted 2 for Wexford, good luck on getting to Galway, will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Thanks for sharing your pics with us Clara, will check them out x

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    Fantastic pics Ciara, thanks for sharing :)
  16. wolfie

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    Heard the clicking of the camera during my beloved Debauchery and am so pleased to see what came of it ... your photos are lovely, CiaraD. I especially like all the smiles you captured. Thanks so much for sharing!
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    Wonderful!! Thank you so much for posting this!
  18. wolfie

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    Thanks on the tickets. Had to make a decision quickly this morning which direction to head and I went west, so no Wexford. I should have maybe gambled and headed there. Galway is all sorted out. Thanks, as always, Tracey, for your kindness.
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    Thanks, all, for the nice things being said about the posting of the setlists and the reviews. I apologize, as I have before, for not having videos. I am not a video taker at shows as I just don't feel comfortable doing it. But I know that's what you all really want so I appreciate the kindness on the reviews. I know that I am really fortunate to be here and I take none of it for granted and I hope I've at least been able to give a small glimpse into what it's like. Thanks, again. :)
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    It's okay that you don't feel comfortable taking videos- other fans have already, so we're not missing out on too much.

    Anyway, reviews are special, too; it's like reading an exciting, engrossing novel. "The Adventures Of..."

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