Nenagh, Co. Tipperary - Nenagh Arts Centre - Dec 8, 2013

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  1. Seneca

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    Yeah, completely fine on the lack of videos. As much as I love to see them, I would never be the person to take them myself. I'd much rather enjoy the full experience at the time, and regret not recording it later. And the reviews are really special too, as s06 said.
  2. Elysium

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    I've absolutely loved everyone of your reviews wolfie, they've been wonderful, so personal, it's what's kept me going after sadly missing out on this tour, but my finances would not allow me to travel to Ireland so close to Christmas.
    I feel exactly the same on taking videos, I don't really comfortable fidgeting with my phone at all to be honest, but I'm not a gadgety type of person at all.
    Do appreciate others making the effort to take pics and videos though. x :) :)
  3. Elysium

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    Your welcome wolfie, so glad you've got a ticket for Galway, the last gig of the tour is always a corker. Enjoy x

  4. John

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    Just beautiful! <3

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