Nov 18 2016 Washington DC USA Lincoln Theatre

Discussion in '2016 The Best of David Gray Tour USA/Canada' started by Rena, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    All the info about David's concert on Nov 18 2016 in Washington DC USA at the Lincoln Theatre can be posted here.

    So who managed to get tickets?
  2. Stacy Hamrick

    Stacy Hamrick New Grayhead

    I did! I was lucky enough to score 2 presale tickets and just got our seat assignments today. We are driving up from VA as a date weekend before my husband deploys. We plan at hitting up our favorite DuPont Circle bar before hand for cocktails and then heading over.

    Does anyone know if he's doing any sort of meet and greet? I told my husband it would be the best cmas present (albeit early) ever for a signed vinyl.

    Anyway...CANNOT WAIT!

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  3. HB in VA

    HB in VA Member Grayhead

    Can't wait! Show #15 for us. Got row C!
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  4. HB in VA

    HB in VA Member Grayhead

    Stacy - We met him twice. Both times after the show waiting outside by the exit. He is always very gracious and will sign autographs and take pics with anyone waiting. Good luck!
  5. DogearedCarrie

    DogearedCarrie Member Grayhead

    I'm so excited for Friday! Is it easy to find the stage door? I would like to try to do that as I haven't been able to for the past few shows.
  6. HB in VA

    HB in VA Member Grayhead

    Not sure where at that theater. Just look for the big tour bus :)
  7. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Carrie, Howie and everyone else going to the DC show - have a great time tonight! So excited for you!
  8. HB in VA

    HB in VA Member Grayhead

    What a completely annoying crowd. I'm so irritated.
  9. DogearedCarrie

    DogearedCarrie Member Grayhead

    Grr, I just wrote this long post about the concert and the awful crowd and it disappeared!
  10. DarinCMU

    DarinCMU Member Grayhead

    I was lucky enough to be in the box seats (which was an incredible view) so I didn't have too much direct crowd issues, but yeah - talk about terrible crowd. The general obnoxiousness of people walking in and out, the drunk dude, the woman who kept obnoxiously saying "stand up!" at the back - let other people enjoy the show how they want!

    Anyway, I am slowly uploading whatever I recorded - everything should be up within the next few hours. I managed to get a huge chunk of the first part of the show, though please forgive any muscle spasms, drifting camera, or blurriness (I was holding the camera awkwardly for a really long time). Videos are also uncompressed, so they're gigantic.

    I was able to get these videos (listed in alphabetical, not setlist order):
    Ain't No Love
    Be Mine
    Enter Lightly
    Falling Down the Mountainside
    Flame Turns Blue
    From Here You Can Almost See the Sea
    Only The Wine
    Please Forgive Me
    Sail Away
    Smoke Without Fire
    The Other Side
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  11. dtscott

    dtscott New Grayhead

    Thanks Darin for the preview of some of what we may be seeing in San Francisco next weekend!
    Scott& Badger:):)
  12. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Wow, sorry about the crappy audience. Sad. It never ceases to amaze me how rude and disrespectful people can be to the performer and fellow audience members. :mad:

    @DarinCMU, thank you for sharing your pictures and videos. I am starting to listen to the videos now (I don't watch, just listen). Did someone interupt DG at the beginning of Abili with their own "singing"?!? Thanks, again.
  13. DogearedCarrie

    DogearedCarrie Member Grayhead

    David was FANTASTIC! I feel so lucky to have seen this tour. Like the Boston reviews said, he talked a lot more between songs. We learned he finished writing "Falling Down the Mountainside" while in DC. A small group of us waited outside the fence where the bus was parked, and he graciously came out instead of boarding the bus and took pictures and signed autographs.

    I know we tend to complain about DC audiences (and rest assured it's not just at David Gray concerts - baseball crowds are another source of frustration) but for a sold out show, this crowd was TERRIBLE. There were so many people coming and going during his songs, David actually commented on how distracting it was to him! How embarrassing, DC.

    The winner of the night was a guy who I interacted with in the lobby when I stepped out to use the bathroom. The usher held people at to door during the song, so I was waiting, as was this guy, when a couple arrived late, having expected an opener. They asked how much they had missed and the guy said, "Don't worry, you didn't miss your favorite song." Since David had played "Shine" already, which is a favorite for some, I said he couldn't say that, unless he knew their favorite songs. He responded with, "Do you shoot people for a living?" I said I didn't, but he asked me the same question several more times and then said he did. What does that have to do with David Gray songs? We returned to our seats, and later in the show, DURING A SONG, he yelled at someone about Trump. WTF? We're in a quiet theater with a solo performance, not in a bar. It is NOT the time to spout off your opinion. At the set break, he left his seat and my friend went to complain to the ushers. Several people backed her up and they said they would not let him return.
  14. DarinCMU

    DarinCMU Member Grayhead

    Yeah, that was the drunk guy. On the song before, he had come in (I assume from drinking), stumbled down the aisle, then told another guy "You're in my seat" and tried to sit on the him. The guy in the seat shoved him off, then the drunk dude stumbled back into his actual seat. Alibi started shortly after, and thankfully some folks reported him and he got escorted out.

    Good times.

    On the plus side, some of his acoustic renditions of songs were amazing. Lately was beautifully done and very different from the versions in the past, and Only The Wine was pretty unique too. I was very impressed with just how good Mutineers sounded without the full band.

    I am kicking myself for not catching Lately and Breathe on video...
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  15. HB in VA

    HB in VA Member Grayhead

    I got video of Lately. All up to the point he forgot the lyrics and got up from the piano. I didn't realize he was going to continue on guitar.
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  16. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    Just WOW! Incredible reviews and footage! Thank you all for sharing! :)))))))
  17. Cshay73

    Cshay73 New Grayhead

    Does anyone have the complete setlist they could please share?
  18. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    squtternutbosh77 posted the following setlist on Instagram (thank you squtternutbosh77!!):

    SETLIST: Shine--From Here You Can Almost See The Sea--Ain't No Love--Only The Wine--Enter Lightly--Twilight--Flame Turns Blue--Falling Down The Mountainside--The Other Side--Back In The World--Mutineers--Birds Of The High Arctic--Breathe--Fugitive---INTERMISSION---You're The World To Me--Alibi--The One I Love--Lately--Smoke Without Fire--Please Forgive Me--Babylon--Be Mine--This Years Love--Nemesis---ENCORE---Sail Away
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  19. Cshay73

    Cshay73 New Grayhead

    Thank you so much!!
  20. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    jaysus dc ... altho will never forget baltimore in baltimore :)
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