November 28th 2014 - O2 Guildhall Southampton

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    All the pre and post gig anticipation and joy can go in here.

    Presale tickets will go on sale tomorrow, Sep 24 at 9 am BST on tickets.

    General sale will start on Friday.
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    And that one is on my list too. So - see you there!
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    image.jpg People from Southampton - David will be on the radio chatting with the guy below in a few minutes from now.

    Please let us know what he said. I will be on the train travelling to Southampton for one more hour at least.
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    Tonight's schedule!
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    image.jpg And from David via Instagram
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    Sitting here, celebrating David and a fabulous night with a nice glass of Merlot. This my friends has been a truly outstanding night. I am aware that with time everything tends to blur but this show tonight definitely has been one of the best in the UK I have been to. This was a fulminant and passionate celebration of the best music there is these days.

    David took us to heights and even higher with his music tonight. And the audience carried him and all of us... Such a joy to have been part of this. Such a joy tonight.

    This audience enjoyed the new material much more than yesterday's. When David announced Crow with the line " not far to the good stuff as the crow flies" there was this great shout out from someone behind me " this IS the good stuff Dave!" and then applause. So those wonderful songs from the new album got their due attention and applause and cheering. I was very happy about that.

    So here is the setlist as played with a few notes. It got changed a bit tonight so the pic below is not reliable. Plus there was a strict curfew at 23.00 so David had to leave out some goodies.

    -Arctic - still my favourite opener, see what I have said about Southend
    -Girl Like You - I so like the musical challenges that come with that one. Certainly not easy on everyone's ears if they aren't used to non radio, non charts material. And I love David for continuously playing it.
    - Cake - great
    - Back In the World -great
    - Crow - great
    - Mutineers - great
    - Summer - "living every minute like a century" still stuck in my ear and on constant replay
    - Gulls - so happy I got to hear that for the first time on this tour. This was the first song I have ever heard off the album. I remember being in Honfleur on the coast of the Normandie, listening to this for the first time on the iPhone in a windy corner on a hill, right in front of a museum dedicated to Claude Monet's teacher. Happily using up a day's worth of abroad broadband capacity.
    - My Oh My - great
    - Fugitive - somehow this came with a huge portion of extra energy tonight. Such a good version!
    - Kathleen - one of my all time favourites which I haven't heard in a while so a big thank you for that
    - Sail Away - now how great is what John does on this?! And that amazingly cacaphonic ending!!!
    - Alibi - so well deserved this one is on the setlist. One of his best from the LISM area.
    - (Incredible) this was in brackets already and did not get played

    The acoustic solo by David was very special tonight:

    - Hospital Food - in this version David proved once again that his does not need a band at all. He can entertain a full arena all alone with his immense talent and presence
    - Say Hello and Say Goodbye with a lovely excerpt from Van Morrison's Into The Mystic at the end - unexpected and simply amazing
    - Shine

    - TYL on the list but not played
    - The One I Love - in such a passionate and convincing version. Great.
    - Silver Lining - on the setlist but not played
    - Please Forgive Me - so great with the entire venue on their feet right from the beginning except for the middle section of the front row where everyone but two needed until half way into the song to get up and dancing.

    Encore break

    - Babylon - solo acoustic by David with a nice singalong from everyone
    - Nemesis - what a journey into amazing realms. Powerful. Beautiful. There has to be another way... Utterly convincing. Yes!

    Thank you David for a wonderful evening. And thanks to the band who outdid themselves tonight.

    To those I have been meeting today - it was lovely seeing you again. As always time has been way too short.

    Nighty night x
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    image.jpg image.jpg
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    Great Review Rena, its been fun to hear all about these recent concerts.
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    Great review, Rena! I second every word! DG was in great shape and the audience in Southampton was so much livelier than in Southend! Looking forward to a few more DG concerts!
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    I would have loved him to play Hospital Food in Zurich. Thanks for the great review!
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    From David on Instagram last night after the show.

    Mistletoe and whine...


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