October 1, 2014 - Florida Theater - Jacksonville, FL

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  1. squtternutbosh77

    squtternutbosh77 New Grayhead

    Didn't see a thread for this show so I figured I'd start one since it's less than a month away.

    Anyone here going to this show other than myself?:D
  2. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Edit: Okay now it really is just one more day to go! I was a day ahead of myself there yesterday.

    I will be there. Hope you have a great time, squtternutbosh77!
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  3. squtternutbosh77

    squtternutbosh77 New Grayhead

    Saw on FB this morning that Dave posted that a few songs (Ex: Alibi, Gulls, Vegas) are off limits right now due to his vocals starting to have a toll taken on them from tour. Kinda bummed I wont get to hear Vegas tonight but as a musician myself, its totally understandable.
  4. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

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  5. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Thanks @nevermind! Finally made it here from Miami. Phew!

    That Instagram message about the Miami show/his voice/the off limits songs made me so sad. My heart goes out to him. He is working so hard and giving so much. I hope he know how much it is appreciated.

    To all going tonight - please show David and the band as much love as you can and enjoy yourselves!
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  6. carmel59

    carmel59 Well-Known Grayhead

    What passion he has for his craft and his fans!! All the best for tonight!!
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  7. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Set list for Jacksonville:

    Birds of the High Arctic

    Back in the World

    As the Crow Flies



    Girl Like You


    Sail Away



    My Oh My


    Laughing Gas

    Mountainside (solo)

    Babylon (solo)


    Slow Motion

    Silver Lining



  8. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Oh Hell!!!! Mountainside?!!?!?!?!! That is really a long time favorite from me!
    That setlist is amazing. The most perfect setlist I've seen so far! I mean crow, incredible, girl, mutineers, fugitive, flame, my oh my, laughing, mountainside, slow motion, silver lining aaaand pfm... Wow!!

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  9. squtternutbosh77

    squtternutbosh77 New Grayhead

    Blown away. Absolutely incredible. Its hard not to put this at the top of the list of all of Dave's gigs Ive been too. The show was kind of split into two parts from a crowd standpoint. The first part being Birds Of A High Arctic thru Mutineers and the second part being Sail Away thru The One I Love. The first part was as if the crowd was captured and drawn in; was quiet, sitting in an awe of amazement kind of way. From Sail Away onward, the crowd really came to life. Singing along with almost every remaining song, (attempting) to joke with Dave. You could feel the great energy through out the place and Dave certainly was feeding off of it.

    The crowd was given the long full version of the Flame Turns Blue story which got a ton of laughs. Nemesis was unbelievable and ended with a standing ovation. Was shocked to get Falling Down The Mountainside. Certainly wasnt expecting that. Dave mentioned that the song was near and dear to his heart and he wrote it to commemorate his friend (Stephen) who passed away. He then proceed to screw up the lyrics 30 seconds into it and said "oh **** Im not commemorating very well am I". He started over and it then went smoothly. Babylon and This Years Love were, well, great as always and were both song along by the crowd the entire way through. Please Forgive Me was awesome. Dave went all out. He exhausted himself to the absolute max. After it ended, he briefly leaned over and put his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath as much as possible before saying Thank You, Goodnight, and walking off. The setlist showed Shine and Last Summer as part of the encore but Dave skipped over them and right to The One I Love. I believe Dave skipped over Shine and Last Summer because he was too exhausted from Please Forgive Me. The One I Love was great too. How he managed to put the amount of energy into that in which he did is beyond me.

    The comment he made on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram about his voice certainly did not appear to be the case. He ended up posting, after the show, that his voiced was coming back to him.

    I was not impressed by the venue, at least not the staff. The doors opened at 7 but all they allowed you to do is walk in the front door and stand in this tiny lobby area at the bottom of roped off steps that led up to the doors to go into the actual theater. After standing there for 10 mins, they let you up the steps and scanned your tix but they still wouldnt let you through the doors to the actual theater. Finally at 7:30, just 25 mins before John Smith came on (who was great), they opened the doors of the theater. The had staff standing at those doors who you had to show your tix to, which is fine, but even after showing them your tix and proof of your actual seat, they still had to lead you to them. Give me a break people, I had front row seats, what other seats would I try to want to sneak to??? I tried to get Dave's set list afterwards and a guy said no. Then about a 2 minutes later proceeded to give both of Dave's set lists (the one by the piano and the one by the mic for playing guitar) to another guy. Ok, thats fine; maybe that guy was able to ask before I did. Then I proceeded to ask for Robbie's set list, Tim's set list, any set list taped to the floor; I was told no sorry Im not allowed. What the hell??? You just gave a guy both of Dave's set lists and now you say you're not allowed to give out the other ones? I stood there for 15 mins. Almost everyone else was out of the theater. I was still told no to getting a set list. All the remaining set lists were still taped to the floor and I just walked out.

    Anyway, despite the staff, the rest of the evening was incredible!
  10. carmel59

    carmel59 Well-Known Grayhead

    Wonderful review. But I'm starting to get a bit concerned about exhaustion. When you think about it the pace at which he's been going for such an extended time. When not performing, alot of promotion and not much rest it looks like. At least he was able to take a couple dips in the ocean which sounded rejuvenating for him. Is it weird to ask that we prop him up with prayers?
  11. sixstringedman

    sixstringedman Member Grayhead

    Mountainside?!? What a fantastic surprise there! Great to hear that he made the comment that his voice is starting to come back too. Maybe just a few days off of those strenuous songs for him will do him right. Sounds like, even with taking the break from a few of these songs, he is managing to make the set work for his voice with a few quieter songs... nothing wrong with that in my books! Much thanks for the review.
  12. JackieJo

    JackieJo Active Grayhead

    Yes on Mountainside! Glad I had Mark recording that since I heard the very first note. I also think we captured Dave's whole story on Flame. I have heard that story so many times, but never so long. He said that since he'd never been there before that he had to fill them in entirely. I thought, after the show, that Dave had to drop songs from the encore because he talked too long. His voice did sound better last night and I was so happy to hear that. Surprisingly, he had Last Summer on the set list but dropped it. As in the previous nights, he asked the crowd to "help him out" on several songs. I was sad for it too end. Back to the real world.
    I have Dave's set list, so it has gone to a good home. No idea why the others weren't given out.
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  13. sixstringedman

    sixstringedman Member Grayhead

    I would love to hear that recording of solo Mountainside!
  14. Dave

    Dave Member Grayhead

  15. JackieJo

    JackieJo Active Grayhead

    It's on Mark's IPhone. I might need help figuring that one out.
  16. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    I've heard it was an excellent show. Glad you were there to experience it!
  17. JackieJo

    JackieJo Active Grayhead

    More of it's a small world (ie Miami)... our seats for this show were next to a couple who our seats were next to at the Chastain, in Atlanta, back in August. Incredible.

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