October 10, 2014 - Benedum Cener - Pittsburgh, PA.

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  1. wolfie

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    Setlist for Pittsburgh:

    Birds of the High Arctic

    Girl Like You

    As the Crow Flies




    Back in the World

    My Oh My




    Sail Away

    Last Summer

    Snow in Vegas (solo on piano!)

    Shine (solo)

    Babylon (solo)


    Silver Lining





    Very enjoyable show tonight in Pittsburgh. John Smith was amazing, as usual, as the opener. Venue was beautiful and the crowd was enthusiastic but generally polite. David managed to coax most to their feet for PFM. Made my heart soar to get to hear Snow in Vegas solo on the piano again. And to get to hear Alibi! There was a guy who kept yelling out for Shine (the guy with the button on his head, as DG called him) and David obliged and played Shine. Kind of makes me want to keep yelling out for Debauchery in Milwaukee and see what happens - just kidding, I would never!! ;)
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  2. sixstringedman

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    Great that you got Snow in Vegas solo! The only thing missing here is Gulls... And Debauchery! ;)

    Glad that Pittsburgh was a good crowd for DG and that, at least no fights broke out in this show! Thanks for the review, @wolfie.
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  3. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Gulls was on the printed setlist between TYL and Nemesis but there wasn't time. There was a nice vibe in the venue last night. I didn't see or hear any fights so hopefully there weren't any!
  4. sixstringedman

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    Wow, Gulls and Nemesis were the planned ending songs of the encore? Talk about ending a show with some heart stoppers. :)
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  5. sixstringedman

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    And glad to see the fights aren't breaking out anymore since NJ ;)
  6. Lance674

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    Glad to hear the Pittsburgh show was fight-free.

    I had a friend that went to the show in NJ and he said he was pretty upset at the way the crowd handled themselves.
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  7. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Lance674, welcome to the forum!

    I heard there was a fight at the Louisville show, too. I just don't understand it. To me a David Gray show is the most beautiful and joyous thing there is.... fighting there?!?!?... inconceivable to me!
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  8. Lance674

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    Thanks Wolfie -
    My friend was extremely upset after that show - said it was the worst crowd he has ever had to associate with.

    He was in the 2nd row and said he heard them arguing/fighting in the back.

  9. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Oh Lance, I'm sorry for your friend! It's a shame to go to something so special and end up upset. I agree that it is unreal. I hope for better for him the next time he goes to see David!
  10. davidcotyalex

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    as david continues to grow his fan base so more and more are going because it is "cool" rather than out of appreciation, and then throw in the toxic mix of alceehal and testosterone, you will always have idiots who will only care about themselves and think they are instant gladiators.....or truthfully just show their true dickisshness
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