October 11, 2014 - Palace Theatre - Columbus, OH.

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    Setllist for Columbus:

    Birds of the High Arctic

    As the Crow Flies


    Snow in Vegas


    Back in the World

    Girl Like You

    Sail Away



    Silver Lining




    Hospital Food (solo)

    Babylon (solo)

    My Oh My

    Slow Motion





    What can you say about a show where you get to hear Birds of the High Arctic, Nemesis, Gulls, Slow Motion and Alibi?!? Heavenly. Great, great setlist. This was my bonus, unplanned show and I feel so fortunate that I was there. I lucked into buying a great seat from a very sweet guy who had extra tickets. Sometimes things just work out. Hospital Food is not one of my favorites but it was fun to hear and DG really got into it. Am I one of the few who hates staying seated during TOIL (I'm starting to think maybe I am... )?!? Anyway, I really enjoyed this show and am so happy I made the trip. Hoping others will post about the show!!
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  2. Lance674

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    Thanks for posting the setlist Wolfie.

    Sorry we couldn't make the trip this time around.

    I also look forward to hearing others' thoughts on the show.
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  4. carmel59

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    I was finally able to see David in a proper venue, beautiful theatre with fantastic acoustics.

    Also got to hear David Kitt this time, and it was a real surprise, I thought he was a wonderful songwriter. He did come on stage lost (thought he was in Pittsburg), confused (forgot his lyrics) and homesick. But the audience was really with him and everything was A-OK. I really enjoyed his set. BTW, when David Gray came bounding out onto the stage, he plopped himself down at the piano and said "hello, Columbus!! I know where I am!!! Most everyone there didn't know why he said that, cause they were in the back drinking their beers.:D IMG_1815.jpg IMG_1824.jpg
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    My view of the stage :confused::confused::eek::p:p IMG_1826.jpg
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    It could be just my taste in photography but this is my favorite image of the night, except for the one I got of David smiling, but then his head got snipped!!! IMG_1834.jpg
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    I thought I'd try and get some shots of the band, don't see too many photos of them IMG_1838.jpg IMG_1857.jpg IMG_1879.jpg IMG_1883.jpg IMG_1935.jpg IMG_1948.jpg
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    A few with a different quality about them IMG_1837.jpg IMG_1850.jpg IMG_1892.jpg
  9. carmel59

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    Such a disappointment his head got cut off, but that smile....... IMG_1908.jpg
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    Tiny dancer............ IMG_1928.jpg , oh I wish I had a video of this performance, priceless
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    The end IMG_1950.jpg
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    Great photos!
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    Thank you nevermind, its becoming a passion , as a fledgeling , I have lots to learn.
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    You got Hospital Food!!!!!!!!!! Would really like to hear that live. Bet it was fun. Lucky girl!! :)
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