October 12, 2014 - Riverside Theater - Milwaukee, WI

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  1. sixstringedman

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    Nice! Thanks for the post, John. I am right in the last minute of the video in the black polo and with the glasses. :) It was certainly a pretty cool moment being right next to it and seeing all of the band and David grinning from ear to ear after it happened too.
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    Hey All - Just wanted to pop in and say that it was my girlfriend and I that got engaged at the show! :) We're both really big DG fans and the concert was amazing. I'm just happy he didn't wait until the encore to play TOIL because I probably would have had a heart attack from having the ring on me and being so nervous...:eek:

    I'll drop some pictures here in case anyone is interested:

    Enjoy! Hopefully we see DG again in Milwaukee sometime soon! :)


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