October 14, 2014- Northrop - Minneapolis, MN

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  1. KirstenH

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    Set list for Minneapolis:

    Birds of the High Arctic

    As the Crow Flies


    Last Summer


    Back in the World

    Girl Like You

    My Oh My


    Life in Slow Motion


    Laughing Gas (solo)


    Shine (solo)

    Falling Down the Mountainside (solo)

    Flame Turns Blue

    Sail Away

    Silver Lining




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  2. Iowafan

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    Newbie to the forum.

    This concert was my first time seeing David. Well worth the 8 hour round trip. Crawled into bed at 3:15 this morning.

    What energy and enthusiasm from both David and the audience. Northrop is a lovely looking and sounding venue.

    Kirsten: Thanks for the set list. Thanks to the reverent audience my audio recording sounds great. Is there part of the forum where shows are traded?
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  3. John

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    @Iowafan Welcome here!! Wow, that is a far far way for the first time seeing David Gray! Great you liked it and you had luck with the great audience.
    You may upload your audio recording on https://archive.org/ and then share the link here.. Can't wait to hear it - Thank you!
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  4. RosalieEP

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    I <3 tapers! Glad you had such a great experience. Hope to get to hear your recording soon!
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  5. KirstenH

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    Welcome to the Forum @Iowafan! You picked a great performance for your first concert! Northrop is an elegant and beautiful sounding venue, the kind of place they were meant to perform in. The audience was so attentive and respectful, so it was easy to get lost in each song. Glad to hear you were able to record it. Thank you for sharing it with all of us! Hope you will have more DG concerts to come.
    I still have a smile a mile wide and the songs are still swimming in my head. So glad to have made this my final Mutineers show. The Mutineers songs are a such a joy to hear live. The band sounded crystal clear (like he said on Instagram) and their harmonies were beautiful. I will admit, when it is David and just his guitar singing Falling Down the Mountainside, I am just as happy. Flame Turns Blue was just perfect too. We all have our favorites.
    I hope all of you on the other side of the pond have some great performances yet to see. I am glad we can share in the joy of this beautiful music.

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