October 19 2017 Berkeley, CA, The Greek Theatre

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    This will be a co headlining show with Alison Krauss.

    All the info about David's concert on October 19 2017 in Berkeley, CA, United States at the The Greek Theatre can be posted here.

    Presale tickets will be available from the good folks at David Gray.com/tickets

    tomorrow June 20 at 10.00 am PDT.

    Good luck!

    The public sale will start June 23 at 10 am PDT.
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    Happy Accident happened today, I realized I'll be in town during this show to visit my brother and we are now in to catch this show. I swear my brother probably thinks this was my hidden agenda but honestly it wasn't hence the happy accident! I've only been to this theatre once before and it was for the David Gray Ray Lamontagne co headlining show. This one will be special as well! Ray and Alison are also two of my favorites! I'm looking forward to it!
  3. bfeekes

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    This was a great show, high energy from Dave and the band! They all seemed to be in really good spirits! The weather was a little rainy so everybody had their ponchos on, my brother and I included, (bought 2 @ Walgreens for 20bucks) they ended up giving them out at the venue for free! I must say that was a nice gesture for the venue to do! David ended up referring to us as little tentlettes, hilarious! I ended up getting the elusive set list I tried so hard to get in Kansas City. When I brought it back I read the top and it said Santa Barbara Bowl, oh well it was basically the same set list. The highlights for me were Be Mine, it had this great strum pattern in the middle like I've never heard it before. Silver Lining was really great, The one I Love was really great as well! Smoke without Fire was not played, I was looking forward to it since the version in KC was so great! It ended with Say Hello Wave Goodbye which was great as I didn't get that one in KC! David was very thankful of all his crew and Alison's crew and that was fitting since this was the last night of the Tour, till next time!
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