October 5, 2014 - Oakdale Theatre - Wallingford, CT

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  1. sixstringedman

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    Found the setlist for those interested:

    Birds Of the High Arctic
    Girl Like You
    Last Summer
    Cake & Eat It
    Back In the World
    As the Crow Flies
    My Oh My
    The One I Love
    Ain't No Love
    The Incredible
    Snow In Vegas
    Sail Away
    Slow Motion
    Silver Lining
    Please Forgive Me

    This Years Love

    I wasn't there, but found this list posted online. Any reviews here for us? ...Bueller?

    Looks like DG's voice is getting better with Gulls at NJ and this one had Vegas and Alibi. Love to see Slow Motion and Alibi both on the set!
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  2. Kingers6

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    Incredible show!!
  3. BernDenn

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    Fantastic show in CT!! <3 Thx for the set list, anyone have a T-shirt to sell?
    Didn't get one! : (
  4. Ginger

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    Amazing show! The band was fantastic. The cello and various guitars that the ginger (who IS that?) played really lent some great sound to the performance. Front row is the best way to see David Gray - lots of eye contact. :)
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  5. RosalieEP

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