October 5 2017 Rosemont, IL, Rosemont Theatre

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  1. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    This will be a co headlining show with Alison Krauss.

    All the info about David's concert on October 5 2017 in Rosemont, IL, United States at the Rosemont Theatre can be posted here.

    Presale tickets will be available from the good folks at David Gray.com/tickets

    tomorrow June 20 at 10.00 am CDT.

    Good luck!

    The public sale will start June 23 at 10 am CDT.
  2. Lara Butler

    Lara Butler New Grayhead

    Is there a password available for presale
  3. VickiC

    VickiC Active Grayhead

    No password needed if you're signed in on davidgray.com.
  4. grantsi

    grantsi New Grayhead

    Hoping the reschedule works a little better than yesterday - I just tested the system to see how it works with NYC but came up empty...good luck at 10

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  5. grantsi

    grantsi New Grayhead

    Managed 2 pit tickets - the system however is really struggling today

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