October 7, 2014 - Massey Hall - Toronto, ON

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    Found the setlist from last night after some poking around on the interwebs... The big surprise on here: Money!? Didn't see that one coming. Any reviews out there for this show or anyone that was there that can report on the acoustic song of the night? Love the beginning of this show with Arctic, Girl and Gulls. Quite the punch there.
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    I was at the show, my 8th David Gray show, all in and around Toronto.. time to get out somewhere else to see him! I sat on the right side about halfway up the floor, not my best seats to date, but hardly a bad seat at Massey Hall not to mention a whole 6 seats ahead of us were empty the whole show (I assume unsold scalper tickets as the show was "soldout"). The new music is amazing, Gulls harmonies were brilliant, better than the first and really was icing on the cake for the first part of the show to be capped with a lovely version of Last Summer, Love the cello solo there.

    What a segment from Alibi, my favorite live song, always reminds me of the opener from the live in slow motion DVD - then PFM my favorite DG song and possibly of all time, and laughing gas was the highlight of the night for me ...it was perfection, really great audience which David even complimented on being able to going from a hyped up please forgive me , to a dead quiet laughing gas, eyes even got a bit watery! He claimed that Laughing Gas will be on his next album!!

    The solo acoustic was "Shine" then into Babylon, which David messed up pretty good, but had a good laugh about it. The crowd started clapping as it began and he had to stop and say "stop clapping it throws me off" but that just put him off more, and he was forgetting the lyrics to his most played song, think he said, "oh my, I only wrote the F'ing thing"....he pulled it back together for the last chorus repeats and got the crowd singing it.

    Money was nice, but not my favourite DG song, would rather Aint no Love or something, Silver Lining was awesome and a surprise for me, had not heard it live since 2005. Really liked his change up on the ending of that song.

    A very short encore break and Nemesis was played, haunting and beautiful as always. Was hoping for one more encore song, but 11 o'clock came by and the union rules in Canada, strict!

    Amazing show, my one very minor criticism was David's voice although better was still struggling on certain high notes in Alibi, Babylon, Shine but can only blame that on his intense touring schedule. He always gives it his all..Can't wait for the next tour, hopefully I can catch it out and about!
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    Thanks for the review! Agreed on Money, though it is a fun track and I am glad to have seen it once a few years back. So happy that DG mentioned that about Laughing Gas! Such a beautiful song... short and sweet. I am sure it was great to see that live.

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