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    I have rarely been affected by a movie in the way this one has affected me. Deep, touching, raw and personal.

    This is a making of documentary of Nick Cave's new album Skeleton Tree filmed with a never seen before black and white 3D camera. It's about an artist making an album while coping and not coping with a family trauma - the tragic death of his 15 years old son last year. There was no script. It was filmed while things happened and the album was recorded.

    This was so impressive showing the artist in a fragile and vulnerable state and hypnotising the audience with music so beautiful it was hardly bearable. This is art as pure and bold as it possible gets.

    The Guardian wrote this is "a masterpiece of love and devastation". Yes, it is. And so much more. This is art that touches you deeply. You watch magic unfold on the screen before you. I would not have thought an emotional impact of this magnitude was even possible.

    "There is more Paradise in Hell than what we've been told"

    One More Time With Feeling was simultaneously shown in selected theatres around the world last night as a one off event. A few more screenings have been added due to high demand for this weekend. It's not planned to be shown again after that.

    The album Skeleton Tree was released today.
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    Very touching, intense and personal. It's hard to get this film out of your head.


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