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Discussion in 'Live Performances' started by Julian, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Just caught this on Sonos which is great for streaming radio sessions from the US and other regions.Just missed the beginning:(.Piano led songs from Mutineers are coming across superbly on all sessions,both in UK and US.Caught the end of Back in The World.Then in between conversation he played Beautiful Agony which is very good with only the Piano;the lyric really comes to the fore.He finished with Babylon.

    Very interesting what he said about how his music and family share almost equal importance in his life.The music being his outlet and he wouldn't be the same person to live with otherwise.Also mention of touring and how big it becomes;not just once in the US but four times,then a couple of times around England,Australia,New Zealand,Japan,Europe,so maybe there are pointers to his plans post current US Tour:wideyed:...Keep going Dave we'll be there!:headphone:

    Reference also to what he called the "Idiot Beast" that has become a lot of,but not all Commercial Radio.However,he also said he loves the medium of Radio and what it represents.It was a good listen.
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    Catched it too - Twitter brought me there ^^

    Nice description of all the information of the interview @Julian . It started with Back in the World - so you did not missed a lot of the stream.

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