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    Look out for Ray LaMontagne's brand new album coming out on 4/29... from the few songs available on Youtube it is nothing short of spectacular. Where the old Ray timidly showed the tip of his talent back in 2010, he has since found himself and is coming out in full force today and with a serious attitude and a very healthy dose of self confidence!
    Check out "Airwaves" on Youtube and judge for yourself. Read the related Rolling Stone article. So very thrilled for him and looking forward to seeing him onstage next month... :rolleyes:
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    what..............tryn to be helpfulo_O
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    oh nothing..............just posted on this
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    just saw it..............its such a huge thread how did Helen miss it?
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    per my prior :)
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    are you still drunk?
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    Helen is lost:watching:.........no indication she found the other thread yet:hilarious::playful:
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    haha no serious detox the last thirty six..............and i need to behave tonight so like I said total chill :cool:
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    @davidcotyalex ... you total rock star !

    And Helen will find her way, if need be I will have to adjust her user rights to only see the other Ray thread :D

    Only kidding Helen, its all yours ;)
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    now thats funny, I hope it doesn't knock her socks off!!!

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