Salthill, Co. Galway - Seapoint Leisure - Dec 11, 2013

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  1. The Line King

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    got the eticket email for Galway this morning! Is it just the actual email you have to print out as there is no separate ticket attachment, so I presume the actual email is your ticket, am I right??
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    have a blast mr liver..............craic is always a good thing!!!

    this is another I would have really have liked to get to....................was just talking with coty about how we just have a few years left where we can then just up and do one of these tours as the a will be in college (hopefully!!!)

    have a great time all!!! looking forward to reports!!
  3. daveeliver

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    Hi Line King
    Just print out the email and yes, you're right, it's your ticket.
    They'll scan it at the entrance.

    If you don't know Galway, Quay Street is a good place to start. Great buskers, good food and great bars.
    I like 'Tigh Neachtain' but so many to choose from....Busker Brownes,The Quays,Padraics Place etc etc

    Hope you're good at writing concert reviews...... The quality of the reviews has been excellent so far (thanks to all)
    and following these wordsmiths is like Donovan following Dylan, and I doubt whether I am worthy.
  4. wolfie

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  5. wolfie

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    Great show in Galway!

    Set List for Galway:






    Dun Laoghaire

    Ain't No Love


    Gathering Dust

    Shine (solo)

    Coming Down (solo)

    Late Night Radio (solo)

    House With No Walls (solo)





    My Oh My

    Laughing Gas




    Sail Away
  6. Elysium

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    Thanks wolfie, what a fanastic setlist. A total of 8 songs I'm yet to hear live, I seriously can't wait for this new album and David to tour the UK.
    Hope you're feeling better and safe travels home.
    A big thank you for sharing your journey with us, it's been magical. x

  7. VickiC

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Wolfie, for your set lists and reports. I'm so happy you could be there to enjoy this tour!
  8. daveeliver

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    Loved the show last night.
    Wolfie beat me to posting the setlist but I'll try and write a few impressions today and post it when I return to Liverpool.
    David played from 9 until 1115 and seemed to really enjoy himself.
    Talked a lot about previous trips to Galway and the strangeness of playing in the bingo hall/amusement arcade.
    My favourite new song was Skellig and loved Shine , Late Night Radio, and of course Nemesis.
    The lighting (from where I was sitting) didn't highlight the members of the band who helped make this a marvellous concert.
    Roll on next year.
  9. wolfie

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    Yes, Dave, please come back with a review!!

    My original itinerary had me flying home after the Ennis show but after the Nenagh show I knew there was no way I could miss this show, the last of the tour. A call to BA to change my plane ticket, a quick check of the bus schedule and the good news that concert tickets were still available and off I was to Galway yesterday. This show was a really pleasant surprise for me. The venue was in an incredibly quirky building that was part arcade, part gambling hall... part concert venue. So for the night it was out with the bingo and in with the DG. The room itself was fine and the acoustics were better than I expected. To get to the stage David and the band had to come from the back of the balcony, walk around the balcony and down the stairs to the stage. Made for quite the entrance and exit. The crowd was good and showed David and the band the love I think they needed at this point in their long journey. David said at one point that he felt a little lightheaded up there and ordered up a beer and a snack. That seemed to do the trick. He joked that it was necessary and not just some kind of product placement. I had a lot of mixed emotions with it being the last night of the tour and I was just trying to soak in every single second of music. David was such a trouper to pull out LNR, a song which requires a lot of energy. Big highlight for me. And he killed it on Nemesis - another long and winding journey on the end that really got the crowd going. But I am going to let Dave fill you in on the rest....
  10. wolfie

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    Thank you. :)
  11. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Thanks for putting up with my (over??)sharing of the journey. :) Next year should be big so enjoy.
  12. daveeliver

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    Hi All
    On the bus heading back from Galway to Dublin and feeling( like David last night) , 'light headed'
    Can't order a snack as he did, but I've just had a few Guinness and a roast lamb dinner in one of the fine Galway hostelries.

    If they want me to mention their names I don't mind 'product placing!'
    A complimentary pint when I return is all I require.

    I've enjoyed the music of David Gray since the release of White Ladder.
    For some reason I hadn't been to any of his shows until 2011, but after seeing him at the Liverpool Philharmonic, I quickly saw him again at the Bridgewater Hall, then last year at the Moxafrica benefit show when I was also made aware of David Ford.

    Because of my late coming, I'll more likely write about impressions of the Galway gig, instead of a critical analysis so well done by Marcel,Wolfie and others.
    I'd been to Galway in September this year and loved the place and have a few good friends who live there.
    When I read of this project I indicated that Dublin and Galway were my preferred choices but I was concerned about the scheduling.
    The beginning and end of each month are busy work times for me and tickets had already been bought for Dylan, The Waterboys and the Milk and Cookie show of David Ford in Liverpool.

    I was 'made up' (a Liverpool phrase meaning pleased!) when I was allocated tickets for Galway and on an ideal date.
    Plane tickets from Liverpool to Dublin were ridiculously cheap and hotel rooms were so much cheaper than in the summer.
    I persuaded a friend to come with me and arrived in Galway midday on the day before the show.
    Tuesday afternoon and evening developed as expected.....!!!
    The Galway buskers and bar music are special.
    Wednesday lunch wasn't much better but a 40 minute improvisation by Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan (hilarious), food, shower, short sleep, ensured that at 6 I was ready for the evening.
    Not everybody was as organised though and after chatting to half of Galway, we managed to get to Salthill just after 8.
    It was a good job (but a shame) that no arrangements had been made to meet other members of the forum.
    It was a strange venue.a large hall above an amusement arcade.
    We missed the first song of Lisa's set, but really enjoyed the rest. She has the same jerky leg movements as Loudon Wainwright, and her songs and chat showed endearing honesty and openness.
    I'd seen her before and hoped she would sing Bobby D, but no luck (unless I missed it). My friends also enjoyed her and her following must be growing.
    A short break and thankfully no Guinness was available. Instead cider and lager.
    When we had arrived the theatre was surprisingly empty and we'd been able to get decent seats, about five rows from the front but a little to the left (David Kitts) side, but now it was almost full and the excitement had grown.
    At 9pm the band arrived onstage (as Wolfie said,along the balcony and down the stairs) and played a great set lasting until 1115.

    I'd been listening to the new songs and will probably appreciate them more when I'm more familiar with the words, but last night I particularly enjoyed Gulls,Cake, and House with no Walls.
    However my favourite was Skellig and I enjoyed the 'trippy' feel of it.
    I was amazed of how many of his old and new songs connect with nature and paint poetic landscapes.
    The audience were quietish in the beginning but got more into it from Ain't no Love.
    Shine was fantastic and when he started singing Late night Radio he said he may need help with the lyrics.
    He didn't though, and it was really good and unexpected.
    Between songs he chatted about the venue (bingo, addictive grab machines) and also his memories of previous visits to Galway, The Warwick Hotel (now pulled down) and hard boiled eggs!
    The audience were much more involved now and the choruses were sung with gusto.
    From where I was sitting, the sound was good but I don't feel I was able to appreciate the contribution of the other members of the band.
    People on the balcony said the acoustics were perfect.
    The lighting was okish, but didn't really showcase the band members. No complaints though; it must have been so difficult organising everything in such a short time.
    David Kitt was good, but because I'd appreciated Ewan MacColl and loved the music and persona of Kirsty, I missed Neil but as I said no complaints, only comments.

    David was really enjoying himself, working (?) his way through people's favourites and finished the show with my favourite song Nemesis and came back and played Babylon and Sail Away.
    Nemesis blew me away and the whole audience were on their feet and singing along with the last 2 songs.

    A fantastic show and hoping that he tours next year. The sooner the better! I was surprised how few people in Galway realised he was playing last night but I was pleased how full the venue was.
    Maybe they read this forum and will be able to give a more detailed song review.

    Sorry for not concentrating more on the songs but how can one follow the excellent previous contributors.
    Discussions continued into the early hours and Galway was enjoyed and the craic was good.
    My poor neglected liver! Apologies for writing so much, yet so little about the songs

    Take care all
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  14. daveeliver

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    Attached files [​IMG]
  15. nevermind

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    Thanks so much for the setlist, Wolfie! It's always nice to read your posts! Safe travels home!
    And thanks you Dave for your great review! Now I even more regret not to come to Galway as well....
  16. Coptermenow

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    Wonderful gig, I posted a YouTube of coming down in the live performances section. He fit a lot of songs in... Fair play to them. Cake blew me away.... I'm always just so impressed that someone that can obviously be so introverted and deep in thought can perform at all never mind with the expertise and skill he does it with, such an odd combo he really is a natural. I thought it was funny the way he has Robbie Malone doing all sorts of other things besides playing bass..... And the strong vocal element with Lisa O Niel and others really gives a ghostly feel to the new songs... Cannot wait for the album. Unforgettable venue... Who would have thought a bingo hall could be filled with such spirit and soul. Sitting so close to this man I've been a fan of for many years, I really got a sense of how complex he is yet is able to handle his surroundings with ease... This was a recurring thought through out the night.... Because a lot of these fragments are really very precious, fragile pieces... Your struck with awe and wonder and then he will casually mention something about football. It's a dynamic I guess he has learned to deal with... I feel I know the man a little better. And long may he continue.
  17. RosalieEP

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    Love this! Glad it was a wonderful experience!
  18. wolfie

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    Dave and Coptermenow, so cool to read your impressions of the night. Thank you for taking the time to post them!
  19. Elysium

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    I second what wolfie said and thank Dave and Coptermenow for the great reviews.

  20. Main

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    Always a joy to read reviews and set lists. Thank you. :)

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